Rhea Ripley Comments After WrestleMania Win, HHH On Her Growth In WWE

New Smackdown Women’s champion Australian Rhea Ripley spoke at the WrestleMania press conference after her victory against Charlotte Flair.

Triple H was asked to comment on Rhea Ripley’s development and progression in the WWE.

Rhea Ripley on this title win compared to three years ago against Charlotte in their first meeting…

“It’s extremely satisfying. Going into WrestleMania 36 it was my first WrestleMania, I was NXT Women’s champion and Charlotte had just won the Royal Rumble, I’m like if she wants to challenge me, bring it. Unfortunately for me my first WrestleMania was at a time when the world was shut down. So we had zero people in attendance, we were at the performance centre, which is where I had trained every single day for the past 2 – 3 years. It was the one place I didn’t really want to go to but at the end of the day I think Charlotte and I stole the show that night, so I’m very very proud of that match.”

“Going out there tonight at WrestleMania 39 in Hollywood, I’m the Royal Rumble winner, I challenged Charlotte Flair for the Smackdowns Womens championship and I came out victorious this time. It is so extremely satisfying.”

On what’s next for Rhea Ripley…

“I mean complete control and domination of the Women’s division, I am now the Smackdown Women’s champion and I’m not stopping there. I am going to prove to everyone who Rhea ‘Bloody’ Ripley is and I am going to make my own destiny and my own legacy when I take over WWE, with my fellow members of the Judgement Day that is.”

Ripley on making history as a Women’s Grand Slam champion…

“I’m here to make history, growing up in Adelaide, South Australia, I always got told that my dream of coming to the WWE would probably not happen. So just making it here is such an accomplishment but being the first grand slam champion to hold those championships is so satisfying. I am so extremely proud of myself and the journey here to the WWE and my journey here within the WWE.”

“To be able to accomplish all those historic moments, that is the one thing that I strive for, making history. I want my name edged in the history books for ever and I’ve gone and done that.”

Triple H was asked to comment on Rhea Ripley’s development and progression in the WWE..

“She’s 26 years old, the growth path that she is on, I say this often to Roman that he operates storytelling and character wise at a different level from everybody else. The continuity of everything he does and the way it all plays out to me it is at a different level. Rhea is at that level now, she’s getting to that level where, she sells different, she works different, she looks different, her facials are different. Everything that she does now is just clicking and it never gaps, her growth has been unbelievable.”

“Every time I think Wow she is really peaking now, I find myself six months later going holy shit she hasn’t hit the surface yet. Its amazing, she’s awesome.”

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