Interview: ‘The Eternal’ Edward Dusk

Interview by Michael Lee.

What does it mean to be Eternal in wrestling?

The moments created inside the squared circle is many ways are ephemeral. For a wrestler eager to invoke some magic, often a match/event resonates more with audiences when the stakes are higher or the history becomes more significant. A hometown hero, a first time ever showcase, a huge championship opportunity, the climactic showdown to year(s) long conflict; all of these moments & more are what wrestlers chase eager to maintain the magic or go further beyond as they progress through their careers. While the mechanics of the match fade over time from peoples minds, the feelings summoned through the craft & the memories made through peoples words/actions last much longer. These are the moments sought out by the elite Australian athletes, and these are many scenarios that have been created by ‘The Eternal’ Edward Dusk!

Trained under Victorian legend Danny Psycho back in 2017, Dusk is an ominous presence that begun his journey in Professional Championship Wrestling (PCW) becoming one of the longest reigning Ignition Champions of all time all the while expanding his influence throughout Victoria (MCW, Renegades of Wrestling, Gippsland Pro,DMDU) & later nationwide (Wrestle Rampage, RCW, ACW, Venom)! One of the many strengths of Dusks character is weaving amongst his opponents an almost supernatural arc with a foreboding list of fellow elite competitors lying in his wake. The stories invoked through most recently ‘The Sacrament’ have presented Dusk with the building blocks to battle the likes of Carlo Cannon, SLEX & Adam Brooks with ever increasing implications that leave audiences wanting more. 

One of Dusk’s most recent conquest came as part of Cam Vale’s breakout national promotion Oceania Pro Wrestling which hosted four days of high calibre wrestling festivities in the city of Ballarat as part of Starrcast:Down Under. It was here on the final day that we were able to discuss with Dusk what events like Starrcast coming to Australia for the first time mean for the country.  

What does an event like Starrcast Down Under mean for Australian Wrestling? 

“I think It puts into perspective what we have as a scene, That you can put people like us that are (for all intents & purposes) a local scene in with the likes of world champions & legends yet nobody feels out of place. Brooksy can wrestle Moose for the TNA World Championship and its not ‘the lucky local getting a shot at showing himself’. It’s two people on the same level having a fantastic match and I think its a testament to how good the Australian scene really is.”

At Bret Hart’s Australian Stampede in front of 600+ passionate Starrcast fans, Dusk alongside the ‘Vampire Warrior’ of the Attitude Era Gangrel shocked Selkirk Stadium by defeating The Parea (Gabriel Aeros & Eli Theseus) to become the NEW OPW Tag-Team Champions ending their 286 day reign! When asked what that moment was like alongside one of his idols, Dusk was quick to praise his tag partners decorated legacy.

Winning the OPW Tag-Titles alongside Gangrel.

“Amazing! Gangrel had his peak during one of the biggest boom periods in pro wrestling. But also from a personal level growing up watching ‘The Brood’ (Gangrel, Edge & Christian) for me it was a nice moment that I’ll get to keep forever. But then in the grand scheme of things to do it with someone like Gangrel, who is a legend of what we do, is awesome.”

As an occultist that summons more storytelling elements for the masses, it often encourages other wrestlers to go down a similar path to create an untapped level of success. Many have enhanced their wrestling journeys by doing so but there is very much an art to it which Dusk highlights below.

Advice for Wrestlers incorporating the supernatural or mythology into their characters.

“Like anything, going down that path takes commitment. I think a lot of people might use it a crutch (where they may think) I don’t need to be as good of promo or I don’t need to do as much in the ring because my gimmick xyz; Undertaker is a great example! When he started & he was ‘Frankenstein’ in the ring, it was fine, but once they let him wrestle he found a way to be that character but in the ring. So I think its one of those things where I believe I’m one of the best talkers in the country, if not THE best!’

Being a mysterious presence in the ring is one thing, but often what solidifies walking the walk in the fans eyes is talking the talk which Dusk exemplifies both his words & the production employed through each of messages akin to almost sermons…though it was not always so.

How Dusks character strengthened his promo skills over time.

“Its that character that helps. So because I can use that character to amplify everything else, but I’m because I’m committed to it & I believe in what I’m saying. It might be this big supernatural, grandiose themed thing thats over the top, but I can use that to my advantage to stand out whereas if I just cut a run of the mill wrestling promo, you might not think that I’m that good. Because I have that extra layer I can utilise and leverage and galvanise behind me, I can elevate a so-so promo and make it so much more because I have that character to bring things up another level. Its all just that commitment and making sure that what you’re saying is believable. You’ve got to do it anyway, but then if you’re going to add a character on top of that, you’ve got to make people believe in that character otherwise you’ll look like someone doing a terrible drama play in high school!

Having already debuted for international powerhouse brands such as the National Wrestling Alliance, New Japan Tamashii & now OPW in the last year alone, when asked what will come next in his journey, unsurprisingly his dark path sees more championships on the horizon

Goals for 2024

The MCW World Championship! That’s the goal, thats the purpose. That’s what we’re heading to. ‘Ballroom Brawl’ is around the corner so that’s where we’re going!

Melbourne City Wrestling returns to the Thornbury Theatre May 4th for ‘High Stakes’ & June 15th for ‘Ballroom Brawl’. Oceania Pro Wrestling returns to Ballarat Aug 30th, 31st & Sep 1st for ‘Gold Rush’!

To embrace the eternal & show your support check out his linktree here;  & to bear witness to Dusks moment of glory at ‘Australian Stampede’ as well the entire Starrcast:Down Under festivities (Mickie James’ HER womens show & panels featuring the likes of Eric Bischoff & Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart) they are all available NOW on Fite/Triller TV NOW! 

‘stand tall amongst the chaos, the destruction like art being admired by its painter’

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