Pro Wrestling Downunder provides monthly updated champions listing from some of the top promotions around the country. We also list on this page any Australians overseas currently holding notable titles in major promotions.

(Updated October 4, 2023)


WWE Women’s World Champion: (SA) Rhea Ripley


(WA) EPW Heavyweight Champion: Michael Morleone (previous Julian Ward)

EPW Coastal Champion: Chris Target (previous Bruno Nitro)

EPW Tag Team Champions: Damian Slater & Marcius Pitt

EPW Pride Champion: Ryan Rivers

(SA) RCW Heavyweight Champion: Cadie Tre (previous Matt Hayter)

RCW Emerald Crown: Redshaw (previous Jett Armstrong)

RCW Womens Champion: Amber (previous Savannah Summers)

RCW Tag Team Champions: Barren & Einar The Strange

(SA) WR Australian Champion: Tommy Knight (previous Corndog)

WR Australian Tag Team Champions: Amber & Robby Heart

(VIC) MCW Heavyweight Champion: Buddy Matthews (previous Mitch Waterman)

MCW Womens Champion: Jarvis (previous DELTA)

MCW Intercommonwealth Champion: Jarvis (previous Emman Azman)

MCW Tag Team Champions: The Parea (previous Slex & Tommy Knight)

(VIC) BCW Heavyweight Champion: Mick Moretti

BCW Battle Express Champion: Sean Preston

BCW Tag Team Champions: The Parea (previous Steve Filip & Tome Filip)

BCW Women’s Champion: Caity Luxe (previous Vixsin)

ROW Champion: Caveman Ugg (previous Rat Daddy)

ROW Women’s Champion: Aysha

ROW Tag Team Champions: The Veolocities

(NSW) PWA Champion: Ricky South

PWA Tag Team Champions: The Joker And The Thief (Mick Moretti & Jimmy Townsend) (previous Jude London & Paris De Silva)

PWA Soul: Unsocial Jordan

(ACT) SLAM Heavyweight Champion: Mikey Broderick

SLAM Tag Team Champions: Steve Filip & Tome Filip

WSW Heavyweight: Matt Cardona (previous Johnny Downunder)

WSW Tag Team Champions: Erik Rowan & Matt Basso (previous Brian Cage & Flip Gordon

WSW Women’s Champion: Steph De Lander (previous Jordynne Grace)

WSW Australian Champion: TJP

OPW Heavyweight: Adam Brooks

OPW Women’s Champion: Erika Reid

OPW Tag Team: The Parea