Sue Aitchison Leaves WWE After 38 Years

In an unexpected turn of events, WWE has bid farewell to yet another prominent team member whose contributions to the company have been immeasurable. Sue Aitchison who has retired from WWE, news originally reported by PWInsider.

Aitchison was notably recognized as the Warrior Award recipient at the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019. Holding the position of Director of Community Relations, Aitchison dedicated a remarkable 38 years of her life to WWE. Until her last day, she was the company’s longest-serving employee.

She was instrumental in establishing crucial partnerships between WWE and various charitable organizations, including Make-A-Wish. Even though she stayed out of the limelight, her efforts were highly recognized and appreciated by her colleagues behind the scenes. Aitchison’s warmth and dedication earned her a special place in the hearts of talents and employees she collaborated with.

The news of her leaving has sent a wave of surprise across the WWE community, marking the end of an era.

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