Rhea Ripley Relinquishes Title Amidst Injury

The latest episode of WWE RAW started off with a captivating entrance by Rhea Ripley, the current WWE Women’s World Champion. The audience couldn’t help but notice Ripley’s arm supported in a sling as she made her way to the ring. The atmosphere became even more intense as Pat McAfee joined the commentary team, sparking discussions about the rumors surrounding Ripley’s condition.

Waiting for her in the ring was Adam Pearce, the WWE Raw General Manager. Ripley addressed the crowd and openly acknowledged her injury, revealing that she would have to take a break from competing for several months. In a heartfelt moment, she made the difficult decision to relinquish her championship title. The crowd’s reaction was mixed, with some expressing their disappointment quite loudly.

As the chants of “Thank you, Mami!” echoed throughout the arena, Ripley struggled to hold back tears. She explained that her current predicament was a result of the actions taken during Liv Morgan’s Revenge Tour. Ripley criticized Morgan for attacking her from behind instead of confronting her directly, which she considered to be a cowardly move.

Liv Morgan attempted to intervene, but she was quickly stopped by security. This led to a surprising moment where Ripley headbutted one of the guards. The show then cut to a commercial break, showcasing Sheamus preparing backstage.

When the show returned, Ripley was seen walking through the hallways with a look of dejection. She eventually reunited with her Judgment Day teammates, and they shared a heartwarming group hug while offering words of encouragement. Ripley motivated her team to maintain their dominance and singled out Dominik Mysterio, advising the group to keep an eye on him. Mysterio expressed his affection by saying, “I love you, Mami!” to which Ripley responded with a knowing smile before continuing on her way.

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