Vale Akebono 1969-2024

This past week, news broke that world renowned sumo wrestling champion Akebono had passed away. The 54 year old wrestler had been battling health issues for multiple years and landed in a Tokyo hospital before heart failure ended his life.

Born Chadwick Rowen on the island of Hawaii in 1969, he would change his name to Akebono Tarō in 1996 upon becoming a Japanese citizen. Akebono made history in 1993 by becoming the first non-Japanese born wrestler to be promoted to yokozuna, the highest rank in the sport.

Akebono stepped into the world of professional wrestling in 2005 where he would compete in a sumo match against The Big Show at WrestleMania 21. Akebono would be declared victorious upon throwing Big Show out of the ring. Akebono made more frequent pro wrestling appearances in Japan in the years following WrestleMania for promotions such as All-Japan Pro Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Zero1, to name a few, winning championships such as the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship twice, and the Champions Carnival tournament in 2015.

Tony Jones 1971-2024

Before we leave you today, we would like to add to this article the news that Tony Jones, most well known for his appearance on the wrestling documentary, Beyond The Mat, passed away at the age of 53 on April 11th.

Born Anthony Jones, Jones had worked sporadically for the WWE from 1998 to 2007, with talent such as Raven and Snitsky. He was a workhorse in the independent scene, working for promotions such as All Pro Wrestling and Xtreme Pro Wrestling.

The staff at Pro Wrestling Downunder send our condolences and well wishes to the loved ones of Akebono Tarō and Anthony Jones. Rest In Peace.

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