Queensland Promotions Form Major Partnership In 2024

Pro Wrestling League, Wide Bay Pro Wrestling, Queensland Wrestling Alliance, and United Pro Wrestling have announced that they are all forming a partnership agreement starting in in 2024. All four of Queensland’s biggest promotions will be working together as of January 1st, 2024, which will mean that the promotions will be sharing titles, talent, and many other things going forward which will help strengthen professional wrestling in Queensland.

Pro Wrestling League, UPW, WBPW and QWA have all released a below statement on the arrangements that will see wrestling fans the winner with some of the state and countries best talent working each promotion at various stages.

“We feel that this landmark deal is something that will benefit fans all over Queensland” a PWL Spokesperson commented.

“It’s also about creating easier pathways for our talent to get experience from other places in Queensland” added a QWA representative.

“Four premier QLD Pro Wrestling companies all on the same page is something unprecedented and will be absolutely groundbreaking moving forward” UPW Ownership added.

“This will strengthen Queensland Wrestling for many years to come, we are so excited to join with three amazing promotions in this deal’ WBPW management shared.

This will hopefully be just the start of things to come with the cooperation of these four great promotions.

PWL, UPW. QWA & WBPW Management.

At Wide Bay Pro Wrestling’s last event they had started a partnership with Pro Wrestling League with some of their talent, and titles appearing on the Wide Bay Show Hall Brawl. Other promotions have seen talent appear at different shows but haven’t had their titles be defended or make an appearance. With the new arrangement that’s all going to change.

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