Damian Slater: “Respect The Art”

Written By: Damian Slater

Whether your ambitions are to main event WrestleMania, or just to perform in front of 40 people once a month at your local community hall, one thing should remain the same – that you respect yourself and Pro Wrestling enough to always train and work to the best of your abilities.

Sorry to be a bummer, but I don’t believe that becoming a Pro Wrestler is for everyone. Finding other ways to share your love of the game and make best use of your strengths? Sure! Professional Wrestling is more than just what goes on in the ring and it takes a collective effort between different minds with different talents to create a strong overall production. You know which roles can make or break a live event and don’t get enough public recognition?

Referees, Managers, Commentators, Ring Announcers, Bookers, Production (Sound/Lighting/Manager), Social Media Managers, Marketing Managers, Stagehands.

But to take the path of an in-ring performer takes a special level of mental fortitude, physical prowess and straight up heart, to be able to do the art-form justice. More so than ever, Pro Wrestling allows ample opportunities for anyone who simply pays a fee and learns some fundamentals. Or worse – joins a school that isn’t reputable and takes on bad habits taught through inexperienced coaching. But this isn’t D grade Sunday footy. We are involved in one of the most scrutinised performance arts in existence. One terrible impression from a lazy, unprepared performer could turn off a potential fan for life. One fatigue-driven mistake from an out-of-shape cosplayer, and someone may never be able to walk again.

Please don’t take this as me being a gatekeeper but just someone who has seen the harm that can be caused by not having a level of quality control for a highly dangerous and publicly judged activity. Show respect for your peers. Show respect for yourself. Show respect for Pro Wrestling.

Take pride in your craft, always.

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