Diary of a Diva: The Real Housewives of AusWres

By Nikki Van Blair

This year has gone by so fast; I can hardly believe it’s December already!

So with that being said, hello lovebugs and welcome to the last edition of Diary of a Diva for 2023!

If you know me, are a fan of me, or have taken just the slightest glimpse at my socials, then you will know I am wildly passionate about two things: Divas wrestling, and the Real Housewives.

If you’ve been living under a rock, then let me break it down for you real quick. The Real Housewives is a lifestyle reality TV program showcasing the lives of fabulous women who navigate their relationships with each other, as well as trials and tribulations in their own personal lives.

I’ve often been asked whom I would cast if there was an Australian wrestling version of The Real Housewives. In any Real Housewives cast, there are different roles that should be met in order to achieve the most successful season possible. In my opinion, the most ideal cast will have either six or seven housewives, so keeping both of these points in mind, let me introduce you to The Real Housewives of AusWres.

The Alpha
“The figurehead of the show and the topdog of the drama; who the show revolves around. See: Teresa Giudice (RHONJ), Nene Leakes (RHOA)”
Nikki Van Blair I mean, was there any question about it?

The Second-in-Command
“Every Alpha needs their loyal lieutenant in order to steer the story in the right direction; provides backup when needed. See: Robyn Dixon (RHOP), Dolores Catania (RHONJ)”
Frankie BGoes without saying, really. Sisters in and outside of the ring.

The Anti-Alpha
“Someone needs to oppose the Alpha in order to create drama and conflict; needs to be strong and willing to stand alone if necessary. See: Garcelle Beauvais (RHOBH), Heather Dubrow (RHOC)”
Lena Kross
Lena is a very strong, outspoken woman, and unapologetically so. Coupled with the fact that we’ve had our own issues in the ring, this one is also a no-brainer.

The Bone Collector
“AKA the sh*t stirrer, someone who’s willing to get messy in order to keep the story and drama going. See: Sheree Whitfield (RHOA), Whitney Rose (RHOSLC)”
If there is anyone in Aussie wrestling I can see fitting the gossipy role of Bone Collector, it’s the First Class Bitch, Aysha. And I reckon she’d do a great job at it.

The Peacemaker
“With all the drama going on, a beacon of wisdom is needed to try and keep the peace amongst the cast so it doesn’t become toxic. See: Stephanie Hollman (RHOD), Nina Ali (RHODubai)”

Cherry Stephens
Cherry’s penchant for knowledge and learning more is very reflective of her wise persona outside of the ring. I don’t think there is anyone who wouldn’t listen when sweet little Cherry asks them to do something.

The Comic Relief
“The comic relief is necessary to balance the flow of the show; creates a funner, lighter side against all the drama with a not-so-serious approach. See: Sonja Morgan (RHONY), Julia Lemigova (RHOM)”

Kingsley is one of the most naturally funny people I’ve ever met, without even trying. Her stellar comedic timing and mannerisms make her the perfect fit for this role.

The Wildcard
“The wildcard is necessary to shift the cast dynamics to keep things interesting; can side with the Alpha or the Anti-Alpha, their allegiance is never set in stone. See: Brynn Whitfield (RHONY), Shannon Storms Beador (RHOC)”

With an intimidating look that says more than any words ever could, Delta’s dark and mysterious aura makes her ideal for this role.

Dare I say this is the most excellent cast ever?

Most people will take a look at The Real Housewives and think that it’s just a brain-numbing reality show about rich women arguing with each other for no reason. But underneath that very surface layer, it’s about complicated group dynamics in female friendships, social hierarchies, and most importantly, it’s about sisterhood. Most of the women on these shows say that even though they deal with drama and issues with each other on the show, at the end of the day, they’re a sisterhood and they have each other’s backs no matter what.

One of my favourite moments of my wrestling career thus far came this year, and was something that actually had nothing to do with me. This moment was Jessica Troy becoming the first woman to win the PWA Heavyweight Championship, and the female roster running out to celebrate with her.

In the ring with me were a bunch of women who work hard, and love harder, and we were all overjoyed to see one of us win the big one on the biggest stage in Australian wrestling. There was not a single jealous soul in that ring celebrating Jessica’s ultimate victory. Sure, we all would love to win the big title in our own careers, but this was Jessica’s moment, and we were all there for her, supporting her. As a sisterhood should.

When it comes to women in the wrestling biz, we will always be in the minority, and that’s fine. But in the most isolated country in the world, there are even fewer of us, so I think that finding sisterhood and mutual respect amongst the girls in Australia is more important than ever.

I know it might seem cliche to say ‘women supporting women’, but I mean it when I say women should be supporting other women. However I don’t mean blind support, because if you see someone doing something whack, then I think you should definitely call her out on it. Keep yourself and your girls accountable.

But truly, nothing irritates me more than when a woman perpetuates those insanely negative stereotypes of women; that we’d rather tear each other down than build each other up; or that we’re two-faced and conniving and have the mindset that ‘you can be good, just not as good as me’. There are enough seats at the table for everyone, especially for like-minded women in this business who work hard, support, and inspire each other to be their best and achieve their goals.

Women in wrestling should be uplifting other women in wrestling because at the end of the day, no one understands your journey in this business like other women. We all know that a woman’s journey in wrestling will always be filled with hurdles, roadblocks and other challenges that men won’t be able to understand, and if one woman is struggling to get over one hurdle in her career, then she should be able to rely on her sisterhood to lift her up and help her overcome those obstacles.

And really, if you’re a woman in this business and you don’t cheer, support or uplift other women in wrestling, then honestly, what the fuck are you even doing here?

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