Wide Bay’s Hall Brawl Set To Be Companies Biggest Show Yet

Wide Bay Pro Wrestling is set to host one of its biggest shows yet, with their November 18th Show “Hall Brawl” taking place at the Maryborough Town Hall. Wide Bay has found a lot of success in Maryborough and have really started to get themselves a strong fan base in the area.

With this show, Wide Bay will crown for the very first time their Tag Team Champions, an idea that has been in the works since Wide Bays inception.

Wide Bay Pro Wrestling will welcome “The Polynesian Punisher” Moko Kai, who makes his debut for the promotion. Arriving in Queensland from Samoa he’s appeared regularly with Queensland based UPW, Venom Pro Wrestling, he’s worn the UPW Title twice.

After a huge and successful tour of Pro Wrestling NOAH, one of Australia’s hugest stars ‘The Loose Ledge’ Adam Brooks will return to Wide Bay Pro Wrestling. Which has shown the growth of Wide Bay to see such big names entering the promotion.

The company is also awaiting the reveal of “The Certified Papi” who is coming to Wide Bay Pro Wrestling and has issued a huge challenge to the rest of the Wide Bay Pro Wrestling locker room. With Papi in the building will Mami be close behind him?

Wide Bay Pro Wrestling has seemingly been reborn with a lot of great new stars being created in the Wide Bay area, plus the additions of many well known Australian and Queensland wrestlers finding a home in Wide Bay Pro Wrestling making their mark and helping boost the ever-growing reputation of Wide Bay.

Wide Bay Pro Wrestling hosted their very first show in November of 2016, entitled ‘When World’s Collide’ a night that Wide Bay has tried to forget over the years which saw a brief pause and restructure. Since that fateful night, and the ridicule and maligning comments that followed Wide Bay’s rebirth has shown what the company has been made of.

Anthony “The Bull” Romano may still be disliked by fans, and wrestlers alike, face it no one likes the boss but when they cross this boss, they see the raging bull. But despite all appearances Romano has brought together with many hands backstage a very tight knit community of wrestlers and fans alike. The community of Wide Bay from fans to businesses to the local wrestlers there have come together to make this a great community-based promotion.

No longer seen as a laughingstock of Australian Wrestling, this small Queensland based promotion has become one of the best, and almost biggest promotions running in Queensland. When the bell sounds for the first match of ‘Hall Brawl’ Wide Bay will celebrate six years of existence and four years of being reborn.

Keep an eye out for more match announcements for Hall Brawl, it’s already shaping as a huge show with “The Business” Slex, “The Loose Ledge” Adam Brooks, “The Polynesian Punisher” Moko Kai, YEET Stevens, and many more. It’s going to be an event that people on the Sunshine Coast and in the Wide Bay area should not miss.

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