Power Of Positive Outlooks, Kyote

By: Josh ‘Kyote’ Taylor

Keeping a strong mind & positive attitude in the world of pro wrestling is key, now I know this sounds easy but in fact it’s one of the hardest things to do. There will be times you’re going to question yourself and even ask yourself what the hell are you doing. However my friends if you keep pushing and work hard you will experience one of the greatest adventures you’ll ever have in your life.

For me my start was hard as I struggled so hard to learn to take a back bump, obviously it’s not natural for someone to just throw themselves willingly to the ground backwards. This was the biggest hurdle for me at the start of my journey, as it literally took me months and months to get this correct to the point that there were times where I was having my feet tied together, just to learn to bump the correct way.

Once I spent several hours to the side of the sweat shop standing there trying to bump the right way on two thin blue gym mats. I was so focused on achieving this technique making sure it was done right.

My body was so sore from doing this but being 16 years old, all I wanted was to be a pro wrestler. So I was training non-stop. Finding that having a positive mindset truly helped me during my first 6 months of training.

In the world of pro wrestling we never ever stop learning or growing or finding new things and techniques that make us a better performer. There was times I’d break down and cry because I couldn’t pick something up because I wanted this so bad and it’s ok to have these moments of anger and frustration because it’s all part of your journey.

Never be afraid to show your emotions and how you feel. Wrestling is art and everything you say and do in wrestling can be used to help develop, not only you as a person but as a character.

I have always been a huge believer in two very cliche quotes and those are, “everything happens for a reason” and, “there is no fate but what we make”.

Now I can hear you saying but how can you use those when they contradict themselves, one meaning everything happens for a reason, but then one, meaning that it only happens if you make it happen. Wrestling is very much like this because you will make things happen but then there are things that just happen. It’s up to you how you process and adapt.

As I said we never stop learning in wrestling but also in life. You have the power to overcome any challenge that presents itself to you, but it’s up to you and your mindset and your attitude how you overcome it.

I can imagine reading this, it’s a bit of a train wreck but what I’m trying to say is my friends you are doing Awesome and you can smash any goal you set for yourself. You just need to back yourself and be positive turn I can’t into I can.

My hero and someone that always inspired me was the late Jason David Frank, yep the OG green/white power ranger (yes he was also the red zeo,red turbo,black dino ranger) anyways moving on. Jason had this wonderful mind sight that no challenge was to small and if you were positive and focused you can achieve anything.

Pro wrestling is not easy you can not just rock up to a training school and say I’m going to be a pro wrestler and I can do this it’s easy. NO NO you are in for a very big shock and so is your body and mind.

However this is where your positive attitude and mindset comes into play. If you have these, you will be able to achieve anything. However you must be willing to also listen and understand this will be hard.

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of this amazing industry for almost 20 years now, but there were times where I truly question if I should’ve been in this industry, if I could keep going, if I could be what I always wanted to be.

Those who know me have always known me know I believe I was put on this earth do two things, one be a professional wrestler, the other to be a dad. I’m very lucky and proud to say that I got to achieve both.

Until next time, my friends, just remember that the power of the mind is truly incredible. You can achieve anything as long as you back yourself, and you put in the hard work. Enjoy the adventure and chase your goals & dreams.

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