Injured Superstar’s Featured On WWE Draft Graphic, Possible Return Imminent

The WWE Draft is set to commence on the April 28th episode of Friday Night Smackdown. With a majority of on-screen talent featured in the promotional graphic, there are some interesting surprises and omissions which may indicate the direction of the company in the coming months.

One particular surprise is the addition of AJ Styles, who has been on the sidelines since December with an ankle injury, causing him to miss the Royal Rumble event in January. Styles claimed that the injury wasn’t severe and would not require surgery. A broken ankle of this type requires roughly 4 months of recovery time, making it a likely possibility that The Phenomenonal One will be back on WWE television sooner rather than later.

Elsewhere on the graphic, we can see Johnny Gargano, who has been out with shoulder issues since the beginning of April, after a match with Australian Grayson Waller at NXT Stand & Deliver. As well, we see Kofi Kingston, who suffered an ankle injury during a match on Smackdown, ruling the 41-year old (yes, he’s 41) out of WrestleMania 39, requiring surgery which he had undergone on March 17th. Lastly is the inclusion of Rick Boogs, who suffered possibly the worst injury of any athlete, as he had torn quadriceps and a torn patella tendon during a match at WrestleMania 38.

Some omissions from the graphic include Kingston’s New Day brother, Big E. The big man is one year removed from a possible career ending neck injury. As well as the recently returned Bray Wyatt. After a match at a WWE house show in February, Wyatt has been off television with a hand injury.

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