Rhodes To The Gold: Will Cody Ever Wear The Gold?

The Cody Rhodes story should have ended with him capturing the title from Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania, the WWE had him primed to be the next top guy before the tribal chief came out tops again to the chagrin of many WWE fans. The WWE has been a little too focused on Roman Reigns’ championship streak which is almost at 1,000 days as champion.

But even after the Wrestlemania moment passed, the WWE switches it up and instead of including Rhodes in the feud with the Bloodline to get back at Reigns and the Usos for the moment at Wrestlemania he’s destroyed by Brock Lesnar and suddenly placed in a meaningless feud which suddenly kills the Rhodes/Reigns storyline, but also a chance to further the battle that the Bloodline have been in with Zayn and Owens.

It isn’t the first time the WWE has decided to toss Lesnar an opponent just for the sake of having someone to face, he did battle Omos in a match that didn’t last that long, and no one really cares to remember at all. Lesnar was going to face Bray Wyatt before reports say before he reportedly turned down that match, and Bray Wyatt became unavailable anyway.

With the brand-new title that the WWE has announced on Raw, which will crown a new champion at Night of Champions the WWE does have the chance to bring back Cody’s quest for the gold to lift the title his father never held when he was an active wrestler.

But it does seem after the merger with Endeavor the WWE has seemingly decided to take a different route with the title, and seemingly focused themselves a bit more on Brock Lesnar. Which has derailed some long-term storytelling as well as the added upcoming WWE Draft that could see a lot more changes to storylines, and such going forward.

There has been talk as well that Roman Reigns has wanted some time off from the WWE as well, which brought the WWE the perfect opportunity to give Rhodes the belt and Reigns some time away as well as handing an angle for when Reigns came back. But now Reigns enters the WWE Draft, and wherever he’s ending up the belt he carries ends up, leaving the newly created belt to sit on the other show.

But the question does remain, where does Cody Rhodes go from here? Will he be added into the title picture, or will he jump into another meaningless feud? When does he get himself a rematch with Roman Reigns, and get some sort of revenge on The Bloodline as well for getting involved?

For now, Rhodes has a feud with Lesnar, for however long that will be perhaps it will end with them both being in the picture for the belt come Night of Champions. Though the WWE could decide to go down the path of having Lesnar as the first World Heavyweight Champion with the brand-new belt. Afterall they are now merged with the UFC, so some are expecting that to be a driving force behind Lesnar being pushed for the gold.

Cody Rhodes should be a champion at some point, should he be the first to wear the new belt? Probably not no. But it would be good for him to be in a decent feud for the gold as the WWE has been pushing for awhile for him to be the champion, for that to be wasted would be a shame.

They do say plans change and things we thought were going to happen, don’t end up happening but Rhodes as champion needs to happen at some point. There is the want there by the fans, the popularity that he has been carrying since his return and return from injury. For the WWE not to actually do something with that, is just bad business.

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