Ricky South On Upcoming Mexico Tour

Current PWA champion Ricky South will be travelling to Mexico from the 21st of May to the 17th of June, 2023. Speaking to ‘On The Turnbuckle’ the 6th ranked Aussie in 2022 spoke about other Australians to wrestle in Mexico, his reasoning behind travelling to Mexico and his plans while in he’s in the country.

On his decision to wrestle in Mexico..

“I very much like all styles of wrestling but I do have an affinity towards Lucha Libre over the past few years. When you’re looking at different scenes and hot areas, every scene goes through it’s rise, it’s peak. I’m not saying anywhere else is in a lull, but I think not many Australians go over to Mexico, not many internationals go over to Mexico. I think there would be an appeal for that.

Plus the culture is amazing, the country in itself is amazing, plus I like drinking and I like eating food so I think the combination just works.”

South on his plans while in Mexico..

“So I’ve got some good things in the works, some matches already pencilled in, but I’m just really excited to train with a lot of those legendary names and soak in as much information and knowledge as possible.

On other Australians performing in Mexico…

“There have been a small handful of Aussie wrestlers that have done a quick little stint. Bronson Reed, Adam Brooks, The Natural Classics those lads did Crash Lucha which is based in Tijuana. Robbie Eagles was there for about 2 weeks with CMLL doing their Grand Prix.

I can’t remember the last time an Aussie wrestler actually stayed their for an extended period with the intention of hitting the scene. The last name I can probably think of would be Australian Suicide. From Adelaide Banjo Powers was actually in Mexico for about a month. So we’re talking about 5 or 6 names really.

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