Battle Championship Wrestling 50 Recap.

Melbourne based Battle Championship Wrestling held their 50th show this past Saturday night at the Whitehorse Club in East Burwood. A host of international names competed at the event, including former NWA Worlds champion Nick Aldis, former WWE stars Tajiri and Yoshitatsu, also BJPW veteran Abdullah Kobayashi.

Slex Vs Robbie Eagles

In this much anticipated contest, the Business was looking for the win to place him back in the title picture while Eagles was looking for his first ever win in the Battle Kingdom. This match entered overdrive as both wrestlers took to the air bringing down the entire lighting setup. Notwithstanding the match continued and in what was any wrestler’s match to win, saw Robbie Eagles finally get his hand raised.

Winner: Robbie Eagles via pinfall

BCW Women’s Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match: Vixsin (c) Vs Caity Luxe

Back and forth wins in the past, led these two competitors to this – fighting all over the Battle Kingdom for the right to hold gold. In what was looking like another dominant victory for Vixsin, led to Caity Luxe taking advantage of the rule set and clocking Vixsin with brass knuckles to pin her and become champion, ending the reign of the Hardcore Bitch.

Winner … and NEW BCW Women’s Champion Caity Luxe via pinfall

Battle Jumble Match: Krackerjak Vs Gore Vs Lucius Wulfe Vs Emman The Kid Vs Zhan Wen Vs Carlo Cannon Vs Cletus

Fall 1 – Count Out

Bodies were everywhere in this first of a kind match. Each wrestler deciding to fly to the outside led an unusual attack on Cletus to render him lifeless as he was then counted out.

Eliminated: Cletus

Fall 2 – Submission

Wrestlers immediately attempted to submit each other and at one point hooking in simultaneous headlocks. Carlo Cannon then tied up Lucius Wulfe forcing him to submit.

Eliminated: Lucius Wulfe

Fall 3 – Over The Top Rope

The next fall almost saw Emman The Kid fly over the top and eliminate himself. This only lasted moments as he put on the brakes before being clotheslined to the floor by Carlo Cannon.

Eliminated: Emman The Kid

Fall 4 – Pinfall

The ring was clear for an attack by Krackerjak and Gore against Carlo Cannon. A Britney Spear followed by a Dominator led to the pinfall elimination of Carlo Cannon.

Eliminated: Carlo Cannon

Fall 5 – I Quit

Zhan Wen started to gain control of the match, before becoming face to face with Krackerjak and his staple gun. Zhan Wen was quick to snatch the staple gun and threaten to use it on Krackerjak. First on Krackerjak’s head with no reaction from the Mad Bastard other than go ahead and second on Krackerjak’s appendage which led to an instant “I Quit”.

Eliminated: Krackerjak

Fall 6 – Bodyslam

It was down to two, Zhan Wen and Gore, and a demonstration of power followed. When it looked like Zhan Wen was going to complete the slam, Gore reversed it with a huge slam of his own to claim victory in the first ever Battle Jumble.

Eliminated: Zhan Wen

Winner: Gore to earn an opportunity at any BCW Championship of his choosing on a future show

4 – The Sexy Greek Boys Vs Tajiri & Yoshitatsu

In a match where the crowd favoured both pairs of combatants, it was a sight to behold. Yannis and Nixon impressed with their enthusiasm to claim victory but even when convincing their foes to dance the Zorba, it was not enough. Tajiri turned it on and found a moment to mist each of the Sexy Greek Boys as Yoshitatsu followed suit with an all out attack before the international team claimed victory via pinfall.

Winners: Tajiri & Yoshitatsu via pinfall

BCW Tag Team Championship Match: The Natural Classics (c) Vs The Parea

In what appeared to be a “third time’s a charm” moment for The Parea ended up being history repeating itself yet again. These two teams engaged in heated battle until The Sexy Greek Boys entered ringside disillusioned, dazed and confused walking around still blinded by Tajiri’s mist. This incidental distraction led to the Classics taking advantage with a surprise pin for the victory.

After the match The Parea with some assistance beat up the Sexy Greek Boys before challenging The Natural Classics to a Steel Cage Match at BCW 51. The challenges was accepted by the Champions. The Parea then proceeded to punish the Sexy Greek Boys once more with Levi Nixon needing assistance leaving the ringside area.

Winners … and still BCW Tag Team Champions The Natural Classics via pinfall

Nick Aldis Vs Jonathan Preston

In an old school bout with no time limit, Aldis promised to teach Preston a lesson, while Preston looked to prove he was a Champion’s Champion. Insulted by Aldis as being a ‘Paper Champion’ Preston used every bit of his arsenal against the National Treasure. However Aldis did what he said he would do stretching Preston and catching him in a Cloverleaf Submission for the win.

Winner: Nick Aldis via submission

Ultraviolent Rules Deathmatch:

Maddog Vs Abdullah Kobayashi

In the Main Event the Crazy Canine and the product of Mr Pogo, Kendo Nagasaki and Abdullah The Butcher went toe to toe with absolute violence. Light Tubes, Thumbtacks, Tables, Fire, Barbwire, Chairs, Plate Glass and a even a Fork. Inside and outside the arena saw this match just become a fight. Eventually returning to the ring, Maddog managed to pull off the victory.

Winner: Maddog via pinfall

Credit: Battle Championship Wrestling on facebook, click here, Photos: The Man In The Stands

Robbie Eagles v Slex
NEW BCW Women’s Champion Caity Luxe

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