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Welcome to ‘The Aussie Top 50 2022’ (Male).

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Wrestlers who competed in established tag teams throughout 2022 will not have their matches count towards a ranking.

Keep in mind this is a list of wrestlers who in our opinion (PW Downunder) stood out in 2022. All comments and disagreements are welcome as long as they stay respectful.

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50. JJ Storm (TAS – TCW)

49. Kid Valiant (VIC – DMDU, FWA, VPW)

48. Tommihana Kaiser (WA – NHPW)

47. Dick Riggs (QLD – QWA)

46. Dean Draven (NSW – WSD)

45. Rip Rielly (QLD – IPW, PWL, WBPW)

44. Gore (VIC – DMDU, BCW)

43. Jack Dullahan (NSW – ASW)

42. Eddie Christopher (WA – NHPW)

41. Mikey Nicholls (WA – STW, EPW)

40. AJ Istria (SA – WR)

39. Banjo Powers (SA/NSW – RCW, WSD, PWSA)

38. Grimm (SA – RCW)

37. Bruno Nitro (WA – EPW, SHWA)

36. Zeke Andino (QLD – UPW, PWL)

35. Jett Armstrong (SA – RCW)

34. Tim Hayden (QLD – PWL, WR)

33. Caveman Ugg (NSW/VIC – PWA, MCW)

32. Moko Kai (QLD – UPW)

31. Unsocial Jordan (NSW – PWA, NPW)

30. Headhunter Rig (NSW – NPW, IWA, SLAM)

29. Jimmy Townsend (NSW – PWA, IWA, NPW, WSW)

28. Mikey Broderick (ACT – SLAM, EPW)

27. Redshaw (SA – RCW, PWSA, ACW)

26. Corndog (SA – WR)

25. Zak Sabbath (SA – RCW, ACW)

24. Lyrebird Luchi (NSW – PWA, IWA, NPW)

23. Taylor King (WA – EPW, SHWA, STW)

22. Chris Target (WA – EPW, SHWA, STW)

21. Jackson Kelly (NSW – IWA, NPW)

20. Bobby Bishop (QLD – WBPW, PWL, QWA, APW). A stand-out on the Queensland wrestling scene in 2022, current Wide Bay Pro Wrestling Champion since June, appeared on the PWA LFG tour.

19. Jarrad Slate (WA – EPW, NHPW, SHWA). Held titles in every Western Australian promotion in 2022. Current NHPW Art Of Fighting Champion defeating Grimm back in June.

18. Dazza (NSW – NPW, IWA, SLAM). Current Newcastle Pro Wrestling Middleweight Champion since March 2022.

17. Carter Deams (NSW – NPW, PWA). Held the Newcastle Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title until early December 2022, appeared at NJPW Tamashii.

16. Tommy Hellfire (VIC – PCW). PCW National Champion.

15. Rat Daddy (SA – WR, ROW). Wrestle Rampage mainstay throughout 2022, Inaugural Renegades of Wrestling Champion.

14. Cass Stone. (VIC – PCW). Two-time PCW Ignition Champion in 2022, PCW Slam Champion from May-November 2022.

13. Jack Bonza (NSW – PWA, NPW, MCW). Among NSW’s best wrestlers, let the wrestling do the talking. WSW & NJPW appearances.

12. Cadie Tre (SA – RCW). A Riot City stand-out, almost half of 2022 as Emerald Crown Champion, defeated Matt Hayter for the RCW title to finish the year.

11. Emman The Kid (VIC – MCW, BCW, ROW, DMDU, WSW). Competed for 6 companies across Victoria in 2022, MCW Ascension Tournament Winner, finished the year as MCW Intercommonwealth Champion.

10. Mitch Ryder (QLD – PWL, VPW, WBPW, QWA) – Arguably the face of Queensland wrestling in 2022. PWL Champion, Venom Champion and Wide Bay Interstate Champion for the majority of 2022.

9. Adam Brooks (VIC – MCW). Wrestled in title matches, contenders matches and tournaments across WA, SA, VIC, NSW & QLD. Competed for the AAA Mega championship in Australia.

8. Robbie Eagles (NSW – PWA, MCW, NPW) 2022 King of the Colosseum. Consistent PWI rankings throughout 2022.

7. Tommy Knight (SA – WR, MCW). Australian National Champion for most of 2022.

6. Ricky South (NSW – PWA, MCW). Holding the PWA Heavyweight title and a solid back end of 2022 after returning from injury, South manages to be one of NSW’s best. AWS Champion.

5. Slex (VIC – MCW, SLAM, WSW, BCW). In demand by promoters across the country having wrestled in 7 title matches throughout 4 states and the ACT. BCW Champion for a good half of the year.

4. Mitch Waterman (VIC – MCW, GPW, BCW). Melbourne City Wrestling Champion since early March 2022, defended the title throughout the year. Holds the GPW title. Arguably Victoria’s best in 2022.

3. Mick Moretti (NSW/VIC – PWA, MCW, BCW, NPW, WSW). Current BCW Champion, Eight month reign as MCW Intercommonwealth Champion, PWA Soul Champion in 2022.

2. Julian Ward (WA – EPW). EPW Heavyweight Champion for all of 2022, including interstate title defences.

  1. Matt Hayter – (SA – RCW, DMDU, ROW) Riot City Wrestling Champion from March through to December 2022, including interstate title defences. Ranked No.1 in PWI’s monthly Australian rankings multiple times. Competed in 5 states across Australia throughout 2022.