Aussie Top 25 Women 2022

Welcome to ‘The Aussie Top 25 2022’ (Women).

Keep in mind this is a list of wrestlers who in our opinion (PW Downunder) stood out in 2022. All comments and disagreements are welcome as long as they stay respectful.

We hope to make ‘The Aussie Top 25 Women’ an annual list here at

25. Chanel Phoenix (VIC – DMDU)

24. Lucille Brawl (QLD – PWL, WBPW, ASWA)

23. Mercedes Martinez (USA – NHPW)

22. Caity Luxe (VIC – DMDU, TCW)

21. Violet Blitz (SA – RCW, PWSA)

20. Erika Reid (VIC – Mayhem, ASWA)

19. Skylar Cruize (VIC – VPW, TCW)

18. Amber (VIC – RCW, PWSA)

17. Kyla Knight (QLD – VPW)

16. Aysha (VIC – DMDU, ROW)

15. Xena (NSW – FWA, ASWA)

14. Jasmin Brettle (NSW – ASWA)

13. Stella Nyx (WA – STW, SHWA, EPW)

12. Mystic Jesse (NSW – WSD)

11. Kingsley (NSW – PWA, NPW, IWA)

10. Rita Stone (NSW – NPW, SLAM). Newcastle Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion.

9. Tarlee (VIC – DMDU, FWA, ROW, WR). Six title matches across 3 states in 2022

8. Lena Kross (WA/NSW – NPW, ROW, PWA). Newcastle Pro Wrestling Women’s Champion.

7. Shazza McKenzie (NSW – PWA, WSW, ROW). Ranked 62 in PWI’s top Women of 2022, WSW Women’s Champion, Renegades of Wrestling Women’s Champion.

6. Vixsin (VIC – DMDU, BCW). Current BCW Women’s Champion, Current DMDU World Deathmatch Champion.

5. Rochelle Rogue (NSW – FWA, DMDU). Current FWA Women’s Champion.

4. Cherry Stephens (NSW – PWA, NPW, MCW). PWA Soul Champion. Featured in PWI’s monthly rankings.

3. Savannah Summers (SA – RCW, PWSA, BCW, PS, FWA). RCW Women’s Champion Since February 2021, Current PS Women’s Champion.

2. Jessica Troy (NSW – PWA, MCW, NPW, IWA). Eleven months of 2022 as MCW Women’s Champion, Colosseum Semi-Finalist. Ranked 68 PWI top 150 Women.

  1. DELTA (SA – RCW, MCW, FWA, DMDU). Current MCW Women’s Champion, Current RCW & FWA Tag Team Champion. Nine month reign as STW Australian Women’s Champion. Competed in 4 states in 2022.

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