Tuesday Morning RAW July 9, w/Barrett Bannon

Tuesday Morning Raw
Author: Barrett Bannon
Raw: 9/07/24 10:00am
Channel: Foxtel WWE Channel/Binge/Kayo

This week Raw showed us some of the fall out from the Money in the Bank which took place on Sunday as well as giving us some more Judgement Day shenanigans. We get to see how Seth reacted to being screwed over by CM Punk and how Bron Breaker is coping with losing his title fight against Sami Zayn. The highlight of the show was the story of Liv and Dom and as a result we finally get the return we have all been waiting for.

CM Punk and Seth Rollins
This week’s show began with CM Punk making his way to the ring to talk about why he has been continuously screwing over Drew McIntyre. His explanation was cut short as Seth Rollins would come down to address Punk and how he also cost Seth the World Heavyweight Championship on the weekend. The hatred between the two men in the ring would overpower any chance of a sincere conversation as Punk told Rollins that he would be sorry if it was anyone other than Rollins. Seth would then go on to tell Punk that he wants a match against Punk once he is medically cleared opening a potential triple threat match at Summer Slam. While Drew McIntyre coming back to Raw next week it could be possible for Rollins to interrupt a segment between Punk and McIntyre setting up a match between the three men.

Jey Uso VS Chad Gable
The first match of the night was between Jey Uso and Chad Gable who were both battered and bruised after the ladder match that they took part of over the weekend. The match would be interrupted by a technical malfunction that distracted Gable and allowed Jey Uso to hit a quick spear. Jey would not stick around for long though as once he won, he Yeeted! and ran out of the arena as fast as he could. Once again Nikki would appear and spook Gable out of the arena where after she would give another video tape to Pat McAffee. The tape introduced us to each of the Wyatt Sicks characters more in depth then they had previously and after Chad Gable would go to Adam Pearce fearing for his safety. After Chad had left, we see Bo Dallas sitting in his office making it only a matter of time until we get to see the Wyatt Sick perform in the ring.

The Intercontinental Championship picture
Sami Zayn who is still the Intercontinental Champion after a successful defense on the weekend would address the crowd about how he should no longer be considered an underdog. Bron Breaker would come out and after doing some thinking he would hit Sami with a spear. Ilja Dragunov would come to the aid of Sami which would lead into a match later in the night between Bron Breaker and Ilja Dragunov. As anyone who watched NXT would have expected this match was full of hard-hitting spots and was extremely unpredictable. The match would unfortunately come to a premature end as Bron Breaker would throw a chair at Ilja ending the match. Bron Breaker wouldn’t be able to inflict more damage on Dragunov as Sami Zayne would come out to save Ilja, however his attempt would find Sami put through the commentary table with Breaker once again being the last man standing. Looking forward this match shows that Breaker could still become the Intercontinental Champion come Summerslam and with the inclusion of Dragunov in this feud could be used to make Breaker look stronger than he ever has in his WWE career.

The Judgement Day VS The Awesome Truth & Braun Strowman
This match was fast paced from start to finish with the Judgement Day getting the jump on the Awesome Truth before the bell had been rung. Their advantage wouldn’t last for long as Braun Strowman would make his way to the ring and gain the advantage for his team by taking out the Judgement Day. The Awesome Truth and Strowman would maintain momentum for most of the match with the Awesome Truth hitting Attitude Adjustment’s on the Judgement Day, R-Truth and Strowman would later run a train around the ring together and Strowman would chase McDonough through the stands. R-truth would make a mistake though by celebrating for too long as Finn Balor would attack Truth and knock the Miz off the apron. After Finn hit the Coup de Grace, the match was over and maybe the Judgement Day were finally able to solve their many problems all in one go during the match.

Other Highlights:
Kofi Kingston suffered an AC joint sprain after Karrion Kross’s attack last week.
Pete Dunn isn’t looking to be friends with Sheamus after an interesting interaction after Sheamus came to save Pete from Aussie Bronson Reed.
Damage CTRL would defeat Lyra Valkyrie, Katana Chance and Kayden Carter where after we would be introduced to a newly formed alliance between Zoe Stark, Shayna Baszler and Sonya Deville.

Dom’s hard night
The main event for tonight’s Raw was between LWO’s Zelina and Rey Mysterio against Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan and Dominic Mysterio. Dom who was clearly not happy by the decision begged Adam Pearce to cancel the match but at the end had to give in and try to use this opportunity to finally beat his father. After some stretching Liv and Dom were ready for their match and ready to work together as a team. Zelina and Rey experience of working together showed early in this match as they were able to gain an early advantage whereas Liv and Dom were too busy falling into each other’s lap’s. The Women’s Champion and Dominic were able to come together in the end with Dominic Mysterio finally being able to pin his father for the first time in his career. The night wouldn’t end their though as Liv would use this opportunity to try and win the heart of Dom once and for all. Just as it seemed Dom was about to give in Rhea Ripley would make her long awaited return and she was not happy as she would first scare Liv out of the ring and then face Dominic who was denied even a hug from his Mami. The return of Rhea confirms Rhea vs Liv at Summerslam where we could also see a big decision made by Dom here with whether he will stay with Rhea and the Judgement Day or if he will run off with Liv Morgan.

Tuesdays Raw was a must watch as the WWE heads into Summerslam which will be taking place on the 6th of August (AUS). With the return of Rhea, some more Wyatt Sicks action and a potential triple threat on the cards RAW definitely showed us that the WWE isn’t as predictable as some may think. There was a lot of storyline progression this week paired with some incredible in ring action.

Catch you next week for the Tuesday Morning RAW recap.

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