Money In The Bank Highlights

The 2024 Money in the Bank PLE is officially in the books. As is tradition with this show, there were 2 Ladder matches, one for the men and one for the women. Let’s have a look at those 2 matches.

Men’s MITB match
In the Men’s match, Drew McIntyre won, defeating Jey Uso, Andrade, Chad Gable, LA Knight and Carmelo Hayes in a hard fought match. Some highlights of the match include Andrade hitting a Sunset Flip on Carmelo Hayes onto a ladder, Chad Gable performing a German duplex on a ladder onto Andrade and many more high flying chicanery. As Jey Uso was reaching for the briefcase, Drew McIntyre threw a ladder like a javelin into the torso of Jey, knocking him off the ladder, allowing Drew to climb the ladder and win the match. Drew would go onto cash in the briefcase during the Damian Priest vs Seth Rollins match, turning it into a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship, which was won by Priest with interference by CM Punk.

Credit: WWE YouTube

Women’s MITB
Boy, oh boy, was this a hard hitting match. The ladders were utilised heavily in this match, as well as tables. Iyo Sky hit a piledriver onto Zoey Stark on top of a ladder. Chelsea Green went through 2 tables setup outside the ring after falling from the top of a ladder inside the ring. Zoey Stark hit the back of her head on a ladder after hitting a senton. In all, this was a car crash in the best possible way. In the end, it was Tiffy Time, as Tiffany Stratton would grab the briefcase to win, beating Zoey Stark, Iyo Sky, Naomi, Chelsea Green and Lyra Valkyria.

Credit: WWE YouTube

John Cena
Cena’s time is up, Cena’s time is, well, it’s December next year. Big Match John has stated that WrestleMania 41 will be his last en route to his retirement in December of 2025. A year long retirement tour is quite fitting for the WWE-claimed GOAT (and admittedly one of three two wrestlers that made me a fan of wresting). Cena stated that he would like to be on the early episodes of WWE on Netflix, before thanking the fans in attendance and those watching on TV, stating that if they wanted to see him live, and if any wrestler wanted a match with him, this farewell tour would be their last opportunity to do so, opening up to some first time ever matches.

Credit: WWE YouTube

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