The Week in Japanese Wrestling (30/3/2024 — 5/4/2024):

New Japan Pro Wrestling:

Matt Riddle and the Great O’Khan have successfully retained their NJPW TV and KOPW titles respectively, with Riddle now looking to face Zack Sabre Jr at Windy City Riot. The company also announced the dates for their annual G1 Climax tournament, this year’s events running between July 20 and August 18.

Pro Wrestling NOAH:

NOAH had a deceptively big week. Akitoshi Saito surprisingly won the Zero1 Heavyweight Championship from Chris Vice at one of their shows and now looks to defend it at LIMIT BREAK ex on April 27th. Jack Morris has two upcoming title matches, one against former Jr Champion HAYATA for the National belt on the 11th and one with Anthony Greene as they defend their Heavyweight Tag titles against Victory Challenge Tag League winners, Kaito Kiyomiya and Ryohei Oiwa. El Hijo De Dr Wagner Jr made his first successful defence of the GHC Heavyweight Championship against Jake Lee, but the most exciting thing to come from NOAH this week was likely the return of Monday Magic. NOAH’s weekly episodic wrestling show has returned in its second season and bore some fun surprises. Former Stardom wrestler, Giulia made her shock debut to announce she’ll be competing for the company at Wrestle Magic 2024 in May. Isami Kodaka and Yuko Miyamoto also popped up, the two junior and deathmatch legends laying out a challenge to Yo-Hey and Tadasuke for their Junior tag titles, which will be taking place on episode 2 of Monday Magic next week. It’s good to have this show back.

All Japan Pro Wrestling:

Somewhat surprisingly, the biggest news this week is coming from All Japan. Not only did the company see new tag champs — with Jun and Rei Saito reclaiming the tag belts as Hideki Suzuki turned on Suwama — but we’ve also got a new Triple Crown Champion. At the age of 24, Yuma Anzai is now the youngest man to ever hold the Triple Crown title, defeating Katsuhiko Nakajima to earn the distinction at the shock of many. Nakajima has since released a video which may foreshadow his departure from the company. All we know for now is that we have a new champion at the helm of the ship.

Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling:

The Rey De Pareajs tournament is still ongoing, but the end is near. After a dominant run in the tournament, Naruki Doi and Dragon Kid have secured their spot in the semifinals, leading A Block with 8 points. Natural Vibes and Shuji Kondo & Toru Owashi are neck and neck on 5 points with KAI & Gianni Valletta not too far behind on 4. B Block also has its first semifinalists. Susumu Mochizuki and YAMATO have secured that right after dominating their block on 7 points. Similarly to A Block, the other semifinal competitors will be decided between Z-Brats and Big Hug on 5 points or Kung Fu Masters and Natural Vibes on 4.

Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS:

Masashi Takeda has found himself his next opponent, with Kyu Mogami nominating himself for the right after their match a few nights ago.

Big Japan Pro Wrestling:

Big Japan’s Endless Survivor show is drawing near and it seems people are dying to get on that card. Hideyoshi Kamitani has challenged Yuki Ishikawa for the belt on the 14th of April, aiming to walk into the building as champion on the 4th of May. Whoever wins that match will face either Ryuji Ito or Daiju Wakamatsu in the main event.

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling:

TJPW Grand Princess is now in the books and we have three new champions walking out. Yuki Arai retained her International Princess title, but Ryo Mizunami and Yuki Aino dropped the tag straps to Daisy Monkey, Suzume and Arisu Endo finally winning themselves some gold. And in the main event, Miu Watanabe defeated Miyu Yamashita to capture the Princess of Princess Championship for the first time in a very strong feel-good moment.

World Wonder Ring Stardom:

Speaking of title changes, Stardom has had a few. Suzu Suzuki and Mei Seira are now the new Goddess of Stardom Champions, beating AphroditeE for the belts, while Maika, Mina Shirakawa and Xena picked up the Artist of Stardom belts. Maika would later go on to successfully defend her World Of Stardom Championship, but Mei Seira would not be as lucky, losing the High Speed title back to Saki Kashima in Philadelphia. Momo Watanabe looks to be the next challenger for the World title while Hanan has declared her Cinderella Tournament wish to be a Wonder of Stardom title match against Saori Anou. Both matches will happen at Grand Queendom 2024.

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