The Week in Japanese Wrestling (23/3/2024 — 29/3/2024):

New Japan Pro Wrestling:

It’s been a slow week for NJPW following the conclusion of the New Japan Cup, with only two small pieces of news. The first is that Tanga Loa and the Great O’Khan have a date and overly complicated stipulation decided for their KOPW title match, with the bout taking place on March 31st and streamed on NJPW World at a later date. Elsewhere, NJPW TV Champion, Matt Riddle, will defend his title against recent young lion and member of TMDK, Kosei Fujita, at MLW’s War Chamber event.

Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling:

Dragon Gate’s Rey De Parejas Tournament moves even closer to its finale. Dragon Kid & Naruki Doi have narrowly pulled ahead in the A Block to stand on 6 points, with Natural Gibes behind them on 5, KAI & Gillani Valletta in 3rd with 4 points, Shuji Kondo & Toru Owashi on 3 and Mozuku Tominaga & Shuri Joe in last place on 1. YAMATO & Susumu Mochizuki remain at the top of B Block on 7 points, but now Kung Fu Masters have risen up to tie Natural Vibes for second with a score of 4 points. Z-Brats, Big Hug and D’Courage all sit close behind them on 3.

Big Japan Pro Wrestling:

BJW ran its first successful show in Taiwan, partnered with local promotions PUZZLES and New Taiwan Pro Wrestling. The event reportedly sold out, which is good to see and very exciting for Taiwanese audiences.

Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS:

Masashi Takeda successfully defended his King of FREEDOM Championship against Violento Jack at The Gekokujo 2024. The match was a bloody affair as expected of both men, but they ended the night with a handshake and show of respect.


In the world of Joshi, Ice Ribbon now has three new Champions. Yuki Mashiro is the new Triangle Ribbon Champiom, while Yuna Manase and Totoro Satsuki have picked up the tag titles. Ibuki Hoshi also retained her ICExInfinity title in the main event. Over in Actwres girl’Z, Natsumi Sumikawa defeated Mari to become the new AWG Champion. The company has also literally just started an aight team tag tournament, aimed to showcase the strength of their tag division.

World Wonder Ring Stardom:

After the news or incoming departures, it’s been a bit of a slow week for Stardom. AZM announced she would be challenging for Stephanie Vaquer’s recently acquired STRONG Women’s Championship at an American event, but the main announcement to come out of the company this week was the six-woman tag match that will be happening for ROH’s Supercard of Honor show. Mina Shirakawa, Maika and Mei Seira will team up to take on AZM, Saya Kamitani and Tam Nakano in an exhibition tag that promises to be a show stealer.


While it’s been an uneventful week for Japan’s major federations, that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. United Japan Pro Wrestling, the governing body that involves all of Japan’s major promotions has announced their first joint venture: ALL TOGETHER. The card currently has three matches with more to come, and these matches are exciting. Respective company faces Hiroshi Tanahashi, Naomichi Marufuji and Sanshiro Takagi will team up to take on House of Torture, Daisuke Sekimoto will join Tomohiro Ishii to slap hams with Jeff Cobb and Masa Kitamiya while the assumed main event will see Yuki Ueno, Kaito Kiyomiya and Shota Umino face Yuya Uemura, Konosuke Takeshita and Shun Skywalker in an absolutely crazy matchup. While this was going on, Josh Barnett also announced the first few names for their upcoming Bloodsport Bushido show. On top of the two themselves, the show will feature appearances from MMA legends Masakatsu Funaki, Kazushi Sakuraba and Rampage Jackson, professional wrestler Davey Boy Smith Jr, professional bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn and freestyle wrestler Davit Modzmanashvili. No matches have been announced yet, but this is a very exciting prospect.

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