Cam Vale on Companies Working Together & Regulation

Cam Vale, the Owner of Oceania Pro Wrestling, appeared on True Story With Piers Austin.

Cam Vale on the potential of more companies working together…

“Wrestling companies, what are you doing? I would like to get 20 or 30 of us in a room that are all doing something right. I’m the new boy on the block. I get it can be hard to collaborate and build stuff together, but honestly, the more I have thought about it, the opportunities are there. If a few of us could possibly work closer together, build off of each other, it might make a stronger business model. It might lend itself better. And, again, why wouldn’t we want the Australian wrestling industry to be really strong? My background would be in traditional sports as a sports administrator. You have the national brand, you know the national entity, then you have your state brands, and then you have your clubs underneath. The whole ecosystem is critical.” Cam Vale

On regulating wrestling…

“Running pro wrestling events, given how dangerous it is and the fact that pro wrestling is not regulated here in Australia, has got me beat. My argument is that it is a good thing. I can’t name companies. I have heard stories of injuries due to unsafe moves and environments, etc. The fact that anybody in theory can run wrestling events, the risks that wrestlers take, along with a lot of wrestlers not getting paid very well locally, lacking health insurance, and having very little return. Here in Australia, anyone can just put up a ring and put on a show, which I find amazing. As with sports, it should be regulated.”Cam Vale

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