The 10-Year Overnight Success, By Damian Slater

By Damian Slater

‘The 10-Year Overnight Success’

I’ve had this conversation with plenty of my students recently. I hope it maybe gives you some motivation with whatever endeavour you’re working towards in your own lives.

It’s natural when learning a new skill set, whether it’s a sport, a martial art, or Pro Wrestling, to initially feel very overwhelmed. Others around you seem to be nailing the mechanics straight away, while you aren’t quite making sense of your new objectives, or at least the methods of achieving them.

This is the point where a lot of people give up. They’ll try for a while until the novelty starts to wear off when they experience more apparent failure than success. They feel like it’s their lack of ability that is preventing growth rather than the fact that this new thing is actually really, REALLY hard and takes a lot of time, effort and patience to properly learn. Sometimes they stick around a little longer than others because they feel a sense of community but evidently, they one day disappear. 

The one thing I’ve found true is that if you put the proper time and focus in, eventually things WILL just click, seemingly overnight. You’ll suddenly find yourself understanding the ‘why’ of every action, being able to problem solve without much thought. Your body will naturally move in the correct ways. Things just start going your way. It might seem like a fluke, but it’s terribly coincidental that all of these flukes line-up together after a period of time.

Remember, everyone who ever achieved anything, was once in your exact same shoes with the exact same feelings. The difference is, they continued on through the trying times until they eventually landed where they are today. Like the old saying goes “A black belt is just a white belt who never gave up.” Those little steps will keep adding up if you keep showing up.

It may never get ‘easy’, but that’s only because your expectations will keep rising, as they should. Never be content, never get complacent. Trust the process and keep grinding! By the way, if you’re looking for a way to progress from home, my Patreon is an online learning platform for current and aspiring Professional Wrestlers. Check it out!

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