What’s On This Weekend In Australian Wrestling March 8th

It’s another big week in Australian wrestling, with many events going on around Australia, PWDownUnder.com has compiled a list of all the events going on. This is another edition of What’s Going On This Weekend In Australian Wrestling. All the events listed are happening this weekend.

New South Wales

Newcastle Pro Wrestling presents ‘Brawl at City Hall’ on Fri March 8th a big night at the city hall sees Bob The Viking battle heavyweight champion Ben Braxton in a Viking Pit Heavyweight Championship match. There’s also a huge Tag Team Championship Match with The Velocities battling champions NSW. Dazza also battles “The Chief” Rig. Also on the show is a huge Women’s Championship Number One Contenders match sees Rita Stone battle Lena Kross. Also, Mat Gauge battles Adam Hoffman with special referee Albie Anne Troska. There will also be a Middleweight Invictus Gauntlet Match. Plus, a lot more.

Suplex Pro Wrestling presents ‘Chapter 4:Cessnock City Street Fight’ on Sat Mar 9th with a huge show coming, the Suplex Undisputed Title is on  the line as champion Jake Gibson battles Muzzdogg. The event will have a lot of other big matches, but none bigger than that title match that headlines the event.


Wrestling Allegiance Rockhampton presents ‘March Madness’ on Sat March 9th with some huge matches that will rock Rockhampton. The Voiceless battles Harper Sky and her mystery partner who will be named on the night. Dante Rage will battle the legendary Australian Wolf. Plus a whole lot more that will be a shame to miss.

Nightfall Wrestling Alliance presents ‘Overdrive’ on Sat Mar 9th with a huge card featuring The Animal Kingdom battling Steven Magnus and a mystery opponent, you are invited to Blair Seeker’s birthday celebration. Choc Morrus will defend the Nightfall Pacific Championship against “Solid” Shep Alexander. A huge triple threat match sees JL Gold battling Jeremiah Kingsley and B-Lars. The Nightfall Tag Team Championship is on the line with Champions Standardized Paradox battling Old Skool Rulez. Johnny Hardwood battles Ace Shack. Plus, the headliner of the show, the Nightfall Heavyweight Championship Match Blair Seeker defending his title against PJ O’Connor.

 Wide Bay Pro Wrestling presents ‘No Escape’ on Sat March 9th headlined by the No Escape Match for the Wide Bay Championship Yeet Stevens is defending his title against Rufio. A big triple threat match sees Zoltan, Jack Tarr and Chris Johnson battling each other. A massive Tag Team match with Renegade and Adam Brooks battling Top Tier. Rip Rielly battles James Jaeger, Xtina Kade has issued an open challenge. Plus a special VIP Brute Force Championship Scramble match, Logan Pearce, Chook Slaydah, Cody Clark, Stepdad Chris, Stepdad Charlie all battle for the Brute Force Title. There will be a lot more, check it out.

Impact Pro Wrestling Australia presents ‘World of Dreams’ on Sat March 9th a huge event taking place in Dreamworld, IPW brings a huge card to a sold out event. Headlined by a huge Triple Threat Tables match as Roberto, Skhorn, and Sorrow battle it out. EC Diamond battles Jesse Love, the IPW Heavyweight Championship is on the line, as Champion Daikaiju defends his title against Chad Atlas. A huge Triple Threat Match for the IPW Women’s Title as Eugenie defends her battle against Morgan and Chevy. Also, the IPW Tag Team Titles are on the line as Champions Nerangutangs battle Worst Generation. IPW Unified Championship will be defended as well, as Sledgehammer battles champion Toa. Plus more.

South Australia

Wrestle Rampage presents ‘Re-Emerging’ on Sat March 9th a huge card sees “Demigod” Link Barnett battling Lucas Fantasia, Australian National Tag Team Championship match sees Champions Joey Graham and Punk-Drunk Istria battling Edward Dusk & Pat. A massive triple threat match with Mr. Cliff, Leage Lovegrove and Axe Massacre battling it out. “Gorgeous” Greg Graham will battle “The Empress of Darkness” Amber. “Wreckin Ball” Will Gibson battles Wes Ryan. Plus the Australian National Championship is on the line, as Champion “The Prodigy” Tommy Knight will battle “The Master of Mayhem” Havok.

Riot City Wrestling presents ‘Midnight Massacre’ on Sat Mar 9th with a huge card highlighted by Key To The City Ladder match involving Zak Sabbath, Mike Boomer, Aaron Onley, Kaitoa and a mystery participant to be revealed on the night. Due to an injury to Party Guy TY the RCW Tag team Title math has been postponed, so the Old Guard will battle SNAXX and Vincent Di Maria. Plus a lot more on a huge night of wrestling in Adelaide.


Professional Championship Wrestling presents ‘Risk‘ on Sat Mar 9th with a huge card, Hellfire will battle Rocco, PCW Tag Team Titles on the line as Big Dude Energy battles The Mongrels. Robbie Thorpe battles Lucas Daniels, Rapid Fire battles The Marauders in a huge Tag Team Match. Trikki battles Cass Stone. The PCW Ignition Championship is on the line as Champion Barry O’Leary battles James Sly Silver.

Western Australia

EPW School of Wrestling presents ‘Playing for Keeps’ on Sat Mar 9th with a huge Tag Team Match Dos Eetswa vs Moreleone and Target. “F’N Carnage” Tyler Jacobs addresses the Rising Star Cup, Felix Young battles Noah Greene. A big women’s match with Harli Hyde battling Stella Nyx, Tommy Dux battles Harry, plus a lot more on a big card of wrestling.

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