Michael Morleone On Recent WWE Tryouts In Perth

AIW (Australian Indy Wrestling) spoke with former EPW Champion “The Don” Michael Morleone about the recent WWE Elimination Chamber Perth tryouts.

“You don’t know who is going to pop up in NXT soon? Do you know who WWE has had their eyes on? They were big at the EPW Perth SuperShow. A few social media posts have popped up. There were a few faces in there that they came and watched. Some WWE executives were at The SuperShow, as well as Australia’s own Grayson Waller showing up backstage, along with Australia’s Rhea Ripley, Kevin Owens, and Steve Corino, who I didn’t recognize at first because he didn’t have long blonde hair stained with blood. Ha! Ha! I’m used to seeing that whenever I see Steve Corino, so it took me a minute. WWE came and had a look at what we are producing at EPW. There are talents who got a tryout in front of Triple H and Matt Bloom, so our little scene is starting to get known. Over the next couple of years, there is so much room to grow and expand, especially if we work together. I watched connections being made backstage, also people reconnecting who hadn’t seen each other for a while. So, my prediction for 2024 and beyond is seeing a lot more” – “The Don” Michael Morleone

“Great prediction for 2024 and beyond! More collaboration between companies, seeing talent coming in from other states, moving around, creating a bit more buzz, and getting a lot more eyes on the great wrestling from Australia.” – “The Don” Michael Morleone

DELTA, Adam Brooks, Aysha, Erika Reid, Parea (Eli Theseus & Gabriel Aeros), Jake Taylor were all mentioned as taking part in the tryouts.

AIW – WWE Elimination Chamber Perth Weekend 2024

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