Post Surgery With Benny The Backrower

By Benny The Backrower

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After been taken into recovery and released back to my room, I was monitored over the next couple of days to see if I was doing okay after surgery, I was discharged from hospital on the Saturday. It was safe to say I was very excited to be going home to my own bed after 1 week in hospital.

I arrived home with my house mates and 2 of my closest friends, Leto (the Shewolf) and Danny Scene, I was finally in the comfort of my own home, and ready to tackle the long daunting road to recovery.

I can’t thank Leto enough for her help, especially in those first few weeks where I struggled to do anything for myself. Leto often cooked for me, made sure I had my medications I needed for pain, helped me out of bed, she was basically my carer along with my partner, Haylee, for the first 4 or so weeks. Life in a neck brace was a very challenging thing to cope with, not being able to do most things I usually do took a strong mental toll on me.

At the 6 week mark it was time for my follow up appointment with my surgeon. The scans revealed that recovery was going well, and I had been healing better than expected, and that the brace would be removed over the next week by weening it off. I was able to resume most of my usual life activities.

I am still restricted with weight limits and movement to this day, and as for a return to wrestling, whether it be a permanent return or one last hurrah to end things on my terms, never say never. I return to the surgeon in early February to determine if the fuse in my neck is strong enough to withstand everything I used to do. But if the stars align and I am medically cleared, the decision will be made by my family and I as we weigh up the options.

As for wrestling in general, you’ll still see me around the scene, working with Suplex Pro Wrestling behind the scenes and popping up at other local shows to support the scene. It still runs deep in my blood, and I’ll never be able to leave it behind.

A big thank you to all the people and companies who reached out through this tough and long journey. It’s not over yet, but I’ve endured the worst of it and good times are ahead, and the out pour of support from friends, family, my partner, fans and the Australian wrestling community were a major part of getting through one of the toughest times in my life. I am truly humbled and appreciative of everyone who supported and went on this challenging road with me. So once again, thank you everyone.

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