Elliott Greyson Stands Tall At Annihilation 11 Includes Review

Elliott Greyson TCW Champion pictured with Zakk Archer (Photo Credit: Jared Weeks)

Elliott Greyson was pushed to his limits by “Showtime” Aaron Lynch in a strong main event showing at TCW’s Annihilation 11 at Elphin Sports Centre. It was a fierce back and forth that saw both men throw everything at each other before Greyson finally got the win and retained the TCW Championship.

After the match Zakk Archer turned on Greyson telling him that he no longer has control over him as his ownership of his contract ended after one year. Zakk Archer enters the TCW Title picture heading into their next show on May 4th.

Before this Doomslayer retained his North Esk title in controversial fashion, as he and Deano both covered Dominic Knight and James Sly Silver at the same time. The referee would count to three, Deano thought he had won the match, but Doomslayer again walked away the victor.

It was a gruelling match, with a lot of action, Dominic Knight showing even more improvement as he tried to take out all three men but couldn’t reclaim the title. Doomslayer hit consecutive Hurricanranas and showed why he’s the champ and in demand with matches lined up in various promotions.

Before they would go ahead, it was three pillars of TCW match, a triple threat inviolving Liam Lacey, Eddie Jones and Zakk Archer. All three men were fighting not for a title but for the title of the Pillar of TCW. Eddie jones would leave his mark all over Liam Lacey with some vicious knife edged chops, Liam would throw some of bis own to Eddie and Zakk throughout the match. Lacey would get control of the match and take Eddie Jones out before Zakk Archer tried to wrestle back some control.

Out of nowhere Chase Austin who debuted at Holiday Havoc against Doomslayer interfered and put Eddie Jones through the announce table. Austin proclaiming himself the future of TCW by taking out what he believes is the past of TCW.

This left Zakk and Liam to fight it out, they traded blows before Liam Lacey got on top of the match and put away Zakk Archer for the win and proclaims himself to be the pillar of TCW for now at least.

The bout before this saw Jaxon Parker taking on the devil himself Diablo, Diablo shouting where was JJ Storm only to be told that Storm is still unfortunately injured. Parker before the match as well asked the referee no matter what do not stop the match. Parker brought a chair to the ring, as well as a hard hat.

Soon the match would turn ugly and there would be weapons galore, Parker would be hit a few times with the chair to the point the chair would break, and he would be hit with the broken cushion part. Diablo set him up twice for running kick to the face, only the second time did he finally succeed in kicking Parker.

Soon there would be a pile of chairs in the ring, Parker would avoid being tombstoned twice and then avoided copping the chairs again. He hit a cutter out of nowhere on Diablo before hitting him again with it on the pile of chairs. Parker would get the win and celebrate a huge victory.

Jaxon Parker showed a lot of agility for a big man, he went for a couple of big moves but was blocked and suplexed by Diablo. The match was an intense and fast paced hardcore brawl.

The show opened with The Dylan Daniels battling Allie Galvin, with the stipulation that the loser would be fired from Tasmanian Championship Wrestling. The match started with a rush, and soon Dylan Daniels would be on top in the match. The crowd tried to get Allie back into the match and she slowly took the momentum back. Allie had tried for a high risk move but was thwarted by Daniels.

It soon looked like Dylan Daniels was going to get his wish and get rid of Allie Galvin from TCW, but Allie turned the tide again and got the win ending The Dylan Daniels career in TCW. After the match Allie lead the crowd in singing Goodbye to Dylan Daniels.

Overall a very solid show from TCW, main event Greyson battling Lynch, Fatak For Way for the North Esk Title, and Triple Threat matches were the highlight of the night. But Parker/Diablo and Dylan Daniels/Allie Galvin were good matches themselves.

Allie Galvin has grown into a more confident and solid performer in TCW, as TCW’s only female talent currently it’s going to help grow the female ranks in Tasmania seeing how far Allie has come from her early days in TCW.

287 people packed into the Elphin Sports Centre to celebrate 10 years of Tasmanian Championship Wrestling, and TCW didn’t disappoint with anther solid wrestling show in Launceston.

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