WWE and Netflix Agree to New Deal; Dwyane Johnson joins TKO Board

Starting in January 2025, WWE Raw will be available exclusively on Netflix in multiple countries worldwide including but not limited to North & South Americas as well as Europe. WWE’s international expansion will also include the distribution of SmackDown, NXT, Pay-Per-View events and other programming.

The partnership between WWE and NBCUniversal is expected to generate a whopping $5 billion over the next decade, marking a significant increase in revenue for both parties. This groundbreaking deal also signifies the first time that Raw will be shown outside of cable television since its debut in 1993, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

Dwayne Johnson will be taking on a new role as a member of the Board of Directors at TKO, the organization that owns and operates both WWE and UFC. This announcement marks an exciting development in the world of sports entertainment!

Johnson, widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, has solidified his status as an entertainment industry powerhouse with this latest development. The deal includes not only the intellectual property surrounding his stage name but also an impressive sum of $30 million dollars worth of shares in TKO stock.

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