Roman Reigns Surpasses Bruno Sammartino’s World Championship Record

On August 30th, 2020, a rejuvenated Roman Reigns hoisted the WWE Universal Championship above his head, and so began the longest World Championship in the modern era of WWE.

The Tribal Chief now sits among legends, knocking the legendary Bruno Sammartino down a peg on the list of longest reigning World Champion’s in WWE history. Sammartino, in his second reign, held the WWWF Heavyweight Championship for 1,237 days. A record that resides in the shadow of Sammartino’s monumental inaugural reign of 2,803 days.

Despite holding both the WWE Universal Championship and the WWE Championship, it is with the WWE Universal Championship that Reigns holds the record of 1,240 days, as of January 22nd, 2024. Reigns is now fourth on the list, behind Hulk Hogan at 1,474 days, Bob Backlund at 2,135 days and Sammartino’s aforementioned inaugural reign of 2,803 days.

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