Logan Paul Retires From Boxing To Focus On WWE Career

WWE United States Champion Logan Paul has decided to retire from boxing to focus his time and energy on his professional wrestling career. His retirement comes a month after defeating Dillon Danis and has reportedly said there’s no money left in boxing for him.

 Logan Paul has shown that he belongs in a wrestling ring showing off great skill, and immense microphone skills which can make him a global superstar for the WWE. Many fans believe that he has flawlessly transitioned from youtube star, and temp boxing star into a seasoned veteran in such a very short time in the business.

Logan Paul only just recently claimed his very first taste of gold within the WWE by beating WWE veteran and pro wrestling legend Rey Mysterio for the United States Title. With his 23 million subscribers on YouTube, it made a lot of sense for the WWE to finally put some gold around the waist of Paul and he hasn’t wasted any time in promoting the fact that he’s the champion.

Paul is only two years into his professional wrestling career, but you would be forgiven for mistaking him for a seasoned veteran inside the ring. It remains to be seen if brother Jake Paul follows Logan into the business as well. The WWE could use the marketability of both Paul brothers to help launch the company into more homes and get more viewers across all platforms.

Paul was trained in the WWE Performance Centre, where he was trained by Drew Gulak, Shane Helms and Shawn Michaels. Certainly, a great footing for his career to start with such stellar workers to train him.

Now that Logan Paul is no longer focussing on boxing, the WWE can certainly find high profile feuds and potentially put the WWE Title around his waist and book a huge Wrestlemania main event around Logan Paul.

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