Grayson Waller Roasts Perth Fans Ahead Of Chamber Ticket Sales

Australia’s own Grayson Waller has taken the opportunity to windup Perth fans ahead of WWE’s Elimination Chamber PPV tickets going on sale this week. Speaking to Waller said, “It’s crazy that it is finally happening (in Australia),” Waller told Perth Now. “In Optus Stadium, huge crowd, huge audiences. This is all I have ever wanted.”

“I do my best to stay out of Perth,” he teased. “I am a Sydney boy. I know where the beautiful places in Australia are!”

Presale tickets for the event went on sale on Wednesday, with general tickets going on sale on Friday for the event. But Waller hasn’t wasted any time riling up the fans of Perth with more comments.

“People from Perth are desperate for entertainment — not much happening in that town,” he joked.

This will be the WWE’s first major event in Australia in five years, and for the Australian born star is itching to be wrestling in the biggest promotion in the word in front of one of the biggest crowds for the WWE outside of the United States.

“I have been to Perth before. I have wrestled before in Perth, but never in Optus Stadium. I have a lot of friends in Perth, big AFL fans, so I have obviously been to Optus stadium, and they told me many good things about it. How good it is live.”

“I recently watched the UFC in Perth, and that was crazy, and that was 10,000 people. We will do four or five times that, so I can only imagine how wild it will be.”

“My tongue is much sharper. I have already won the fight before hands are thrown. Not many people can compete with me when it comes to talking. I can talk my way out of everything if need be. I leave my fight for the ring. That’s where I get paid. Next year’s Elimination Chamber is where I am focused on.”

Waller made a name for himself in Australia as Matty Wahlberg, with a sharp tongue and a lot of fight to try and back this up. Waller was also a contestant on the Australian version of Survivor and made a cameo appearance in Young Rock as Ric Flair, while also still wrestling in various promotions around the country.

In 2021 Waller would sign for the WWE and be sent straight to NXT to begin life as a WWE superstar two years later he was a part of the WWE Draft and was drafted to Smackdown where he would finally make his debut on May 19, 2003.

Now in 2024 Elimination Chamber comes to Australia with tickets now on sale, fans will be treated to a bonanza of fan events leading up to the PPV event. Rumours and speculation have already started as to who will be on their way down under, fans are snapping up tickets quickly in anticipation of a great wrestling event in the country.

It also remains to be seen what role Australia’s own Grayson Waller will play come Elimination Chamber, and what stars the WWE will have on display at the event. One things for sure, Waller will definitely make sure he’s the centre of attention when WWE hits Australian shores in 2024.

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