Delta Becomes First Female To Win RCW Championship

Photo Credit: Riot City Wrestling’s Facebook Page.

Delta has become the new Riot City Wrestling Champion beating Cadie Tre at RCW Powertrip last night ending his 330-day reign as champion. Delta is the very first woman in RCW history to wear the RCW Championship, in what was a history making night for the promotion.

In other matches for the night Mike Boomer defeated Vinny Di Maria, Jett Armstrong survived a Choose Your Destiny Fatal 4-Way which saw him win a chance into the Riot City Rumble at Battle for Supremacy.

Miki Fortune regained the RCW Women’s Championship by beating Amber, Vitamin Dean Brady won Match 2 of a Best of Three Series for the Emerald Crown, he will battle Redshaw at Battle For Supremacy to finally declare a winner.

Delta has now become the first female to both win the prestigious Strength Cup, and now the first woman to be the RCW Champion she’s also the 33rd RCW Champion.

She’s now win two titles in RCW, having won the RCW Tag Team Titles twice with Dean Brady as Brady LTD. We here at would like to congratulate Delta on becoming the very first woman to win the RCW Championship.

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