Lessons In Business, By Julian Ward

Lessons In Business.

By Julian Ward.

Hello all I’m back, sorry for the inconsistencies with these. This blog is directed more at wrestlers than fans but I’m sure someone will find my ramblings interesting.

I’m going to talk a bit about business here, not that I’m the expert, but I think there’s some good lessons for young wrestlers in here. Australian wrestling differs from North American wrestling in many ways. Not so much in the ring, although there are some differences there too, but mostly around the way business is conducted. All things I’m learning at the moment.

Australia has a relatively small scene. Everyone sort of knows everyone and things work a certain way. It’s a bit different here. Lots more cold calling, lots more selling yourself. So, have something to sell. If I’m trying to get ATO (my tag team with Kaz Jordan) booked in a different city – we will need to sell ourselves over the course of an email. References, match footage, quality photos, negotiation of rates & expenses etc.

Now often these promotions have never heard of us and with money involved you’re basically pitching yourself for a job. So standards of professionalism are important as is the quality and consistency of your work. If you have a stinker on a show in one city….word travels. The more full your schedule, the more exposure you get, the more opportunities you get, then bigger opportunities etc etc etc.

So my advice to those looking to “move territories” or travel would be this. First of all, figure yourself out. Know what you’re selling, have a quality presentation (encompasses everything from look to entrance to gear) and train hard to keep your match quality up to build a positive reputation. Act professional in locker rooms so people want to work with you, and once you’re ready find someone to advise you. Use the veterans in your scene who you respect to help you navigate the stormy seas of the business side of wrestling. A lot of this is new to me as well, even 9 years deep in my wrestling career.

Don’t be too proud to ask for a bit of help. Formulate a plan and don’t wait for that phone to ring…..because for 90% of us, it never will and you’ll only get bitter. You’ll be surprised how many successful wrestlers are willing to help, I’ve found it to be that way here in Toronto as well (most of the time).

You can next catch me next weekend making my debut for Winnipeg Pro Wrestling, which is super hot at the moment in Canada.

I look forward to the next one !

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