Steph De Lander Pulled From WSW Tour With Head Injury

Steph De Lander has been forced onto the sidelines just one show into the WSW six show Full Throttle tour of Australia after she sustained a head injury, courtesy of a Matt Cardona belt shot sending De Lander off of the apron and through a table, hitting her head on the concrete floor in the process.

The incident occurred during the main event of Night 1 in Melbourne. Matt Cardona defended the WSW World Heavyweight Championship against Shawn Spears. Whilst Steph De Lander had Spears distracted from the apron, Cardona positioned himself with his belt in hand. Spears moves out of the way, causing Cardona to strike De Lander with the belt and her crashing through a set up table on the floor.

De Lander took to X with a clip of the match. She explained that due to the extent of the injury, doctors have advised De Lander to withdraw from the remainder of the tour.

De Lander was set to appear on all six shows before departing to Los Angeles for a GCW event. It is unknown how long exactly she will be absent from the ring at this moment.

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