An Update From The Great White North – Julian Ward

By: Julian Ward (PWDU Top 50)

Round 2, thankfully business has picked up a little over here in the last two months. Something like 10 matches in the last 8 weeks is a better amount of work so hopefully that continues upward. I’ve mostly been wrestling in tag matches with Kaz Jordan (A.T.O) and a few singles here and there on shows. I’ll try update this with some links when they come out.

Most recently we made our debut in Barrie Wrestling against PUF and Pretty Ricky Willdy, which I’d say is worth a watch.

The biggest adjustment honestly has been the travel time. 6-8hr round trips are common and if you want good work sometimes much more. Driving through forests on the opposite side of the road in rental cars has been a new experience. The more remote fans are the rowdiest though, I’m not sure how much live entertainment some of these towns get – and they show their gratitude when the wrestling comes out.

Speaking of travel, the Calgary Stampede is worth checking out if you’re ever in this part of the world. I went over to reunite with a friend and it was a good time. I also had the chance to check out a Dungeon Wrestling show the afternoon before and have a passing chat with the king of Calgary Bret Hart himself.

Two weeks off now which is welcome as both Kaz and I are nursing some nagging injuries but then it’s straight back to work. We’re working hard to fill our schedule as much as possible for the rest of the year. There’s lots of places we want to go and lots of teams we want to work against in North America so we want to get as much as possible done while we are here.

Hopefully that schedule fills up and I have some stories for you next time. Julian Ward

New drinking buddy for the Summer @brethitmanhart

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