AEW Unrestricted feat. Aussie Open’s Kyle Fletcher

Kyle Fletcher is one half of the Aussie Open tag team. He shares the story of how he and Mark Davis met and started tagging together in Australia, what led them to the UK wrestling scene, and how that segued into an opportunity with New Japan and ultimately AEW. He speaks to their friendship with Will Ospreay, how they received the invite to join Ospreay’s United Empire faction, and what he thought when he heard that they would be participating in the AEW Trios Tournament! He discusses their matches against Death Triangle, The Elite, and FTR, and their immediate goals now that they’re officially All Elite. Plus, Kyle talks Australia, American food, Will Ospreay’s dogs, and the biggest cultural differences he’s experienced as he’s traveled the world.



Kyle Fletcher on Aussie Open & Will Ospreay facing The Elite in the AEW Trios Tournament:

“We want to get [Will] Ospreay to face Kenny [Omega] like that’s what he wants. That’s what he needs like he wants to punch that man in the face so bad.”

Kyle Fletcher on his instant friendship with Will Ospreay:

“We’d see each other and we’d just jump all over each other, pick each other up for tombstones, and just do dumb stuff, and every time we saw each other there was that cool back and forth chemistry.”

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