Cage Could Elevate Luchasaurus to AEW Title Challenger

One of wrestling’s more oddest gimmicks Luchasaurus has undergone a huge transformation now teaming with wrestling veteran Christian Cage as a monster heel. Luchasaurus recently captured the TNT Title his first singles title in AEW since the split with Jungle Boy Jack Perry on the debut episode of AEW’s new show Collision defeating Wardlow.

Christian Cage has helped morph the big man into a monster heel with his exceptional mic skills and ability to work the crowd. While Luchasaurus has shown many attributes of being a solid worker he has never really has the right stuff to be a great singles title contender.

He was in a successful and very popular tag team with Jack Perry before they went in a different direction having him turn on Jungle Boy and start a run as a singles wrestler. Perry himself is on the path to greater things, as he was in the AEW Title picture.

Luchasaurus is now looking like a solid future AEW World Title contender with Christian Cage as his manager and mouthpiece ready to bring the heat for the monster. While Luchasaurus was already a very talented big man, with immense popularity with Jack Perry alongside him he wasn’t ready to be a singles competitor just yet.

Christian Cage is going to add another layer to the character that is Luchasaurus and give him a voice that he hasn’t yet found, nor does he need it with a quality talker in Christian Cage. The AEW title picture does need some more quality challenges for MJF, not to say that Luchasaurus will take the title from MJF but would give him more opponents.

Before Luchasaurus can challenge for the AEW Title he needs a successful run as the TNT Champion after he recently captured it. But with Christian Cage assisting and being the main source of the heat Luchasaurus could elevate himself into a main event contender much like his former partner Jack Perry has done since their split.

There will come a time perhaps down the road that AEW will have to try and push Luchasaurus without a mouthpiece and try and have him go at it alone. But for now, Christian Cage will have a lot to help Luchasaurus with going forward and could be his very own version of Paul Heyman just not as good as Heyman has been for Roman Reigns and many other superstars over the years.

Christian Cage’s vast experience is going to be quite useful as well helping the odd monster heel with his brand-new direction and character to help him get over with the fans as the heel he’s become. Cage can also assist the man with his future venture into being a face again.

It would be an interesting few months for AEW to see what they do with the newly crowned champion, with Wardlow also a possible contender as there’s been high praise of him and the talent and popularity that he has had over the past couple of years too.

Wardlow has been a champion in waiting for awhile now, awaiting the creative team to take a chance on him for a chance to challenge as well. There has been much speculation in the past that the WWE has been very keen on Wardlow.

For now, it seems that these two big men are going to battle for the TNT Title for the time being at least, one of these two should be soon elevated into the AEW Title picture as the company needs a few more new faces to challenge the current champion.

Luchasaurus is one man that has a lot of talent, especially for a big man he certainly has the oddest character in wrestling, with Cage can that translate to a brand-new championship challenger? Time will tell, but for now he has a great start to become a challenger by getting his very first singles title.

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