Grayson Waller Makes In-Ring Debut On SmackDown

Despite his big mouth and boisterous arrogance, Grayson Waller has let his charisma and athleticism do most of the talking over the past year and a half in WWE. Now with the 33-year old Aussie making his long awaited main roster in-ring debut, a larger audience is set to bare witness to Waller’s egotistic personality.

Grayson Waller had been gaining attention in the NXT system since 2021. Waller’s aforementioned charisma and eye-catching athleticism quickly made him a standout performer. Waller was drafted to SmackDown while nursing a broken leg in May of 2023, creating an air of anticipation surrounding his eventual arrival on the main roster.

A meeting between the old guard and the new blood took place as Grayson Waller hosted his talk show “The Grayson Waller Effect” with his guest being The Rated-R Superstar Edge. The crowd at Madison Square Garden showed their admiration for the former World Champion, who returned the favour and credits such crowds as the reason he is still wrestling. The audience flips the switch, expressing disdain for the shows host Waller, who falsely announces the retirement of Edge.

The Rated-R Superstar revealed that he had spoken to the officials in the back and had something entirely different planned. As the audience hung on to his every word, Edge dropped the bombshell that he would be facing Waller in a match that very night.

The match was a test of skill and determination. Despite Waller’s undeniable talent, Edge proved that he still has what it takes, securing a hard-fought victory. Edge’s decision to face Waller served as a testament to the Aussie’s potential. By choosing to challenge him, Edge not only validated Waller’s abilities but also put him on a bigger stage, introducing him to a wider audience. The match allowed Waller to showcase his skills against a respected veteran and added an extra layer of prestige to his in-ring debut. While Waller’s disrespectful actions towards Edge initially drew ire, the confrontation ultimately provided a platform for Waller to prove his strength of character and forge a legacy of his own.

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