The Jay Law Report – Naked, Injured & Face Down In Cardiff

By: Jay Law

Naked, Injured and Face Down Backstage in Cardiff.

Few people can say they have been Naked and laying facedown backstage in a room full of pro wrestlers, but I can, and this is how it all happened.

Back in 2007 The AWF was one of the top promotions in Aussie Wrestling and were running regular shows in front of sell out crowds at Cardiff Panthers, now it’s Cardiff Wests Leagues club and I had a big match against one of my greatest rivals, Powerhouse Theo.

The match started out with me taking a technical move on Matt Theo with Theo bouncing back going for his always impressive spear tackle, I avoided the spear tackle and continued the match directing the match back to being more technically focused. Anytime I thought I had the momentum Matt Theo would power out trying to hit me with the finishing spear tackle for most of the match. I avoided the tackle and continued to show my wrestling skill set, until I got caught on the outside of the ring, I just remember turning to my left hand side and out of nowhere I get spear tackled, Theo did not hold back smashing me against the floor.

The spear tackle hurt enough but I was tackled onto what I thought was a schooner glass and I felt what I thought was class shards cutting from my lower back to below my knee. For a second, I panicked and thought I should call off the match, but the adrenaline carried me through to finish and lose the match.

When I came back through the curtain, I immediately looked for the heavyweight champion and one of my best friends, Steve Ravenous, who worked as a nurse for a day Job and I said, “Steve I am hurt I think I got spear tackled on a glass” Steve replied with “where are you hurt?” Me “my back, my ass and my leg” I laid down naked in front of the full locker room which made all the wrestlers giggle at me.

It ended up being dozens and dozens of splinters from the old hard wood floors which the other wrestlers kindly picked out of my bottom and lower back before a 4-hour drive home from the show.

Luckily, I had no infection and was fully recovered only a few days later.

Powerhouse Theo

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