Thursday Morning AEW Dynamite – 13/04/2023

Its Thursday, you know what that means, it’s Sam for the AEW Dynamite Review. The show was fun, but my main criticism is the main event. Boy was that main event uneventful with a dull finish, audience had no reaction to it and even I was bummed to see that happen.

Segment 1: Match

Out comes Darby Allin for his match against Swerve Strickland. Hot start by Darby Allin and gee does the crowd love him.  Swerve able to take control of the match with a slam to the outside. We go to a quick cut of Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo watching this match, looks like he is studying Darby. Swerve wrestles really well as a heel, but he also seems to have tweaked his ankle.  Darby taking advantage of Swerve’s bad ankle, by biting it. That coffin drop countered into a German suplex was noice. We now cut to Jungle Boy watching this match, really giving that four pillars vibe, wonder if they are building to a Fatal Four way between the four pillars. The reverse Hurricanrana from Darby to Swerve looked amazing. Prince Nana is out and saves Swerve by putting his foot on the ropes and Darby loses his cool. He tries to chase Nana but gets interrupted by Brian Cage.  Good to see Brian Cage getting TV time, looked genuinely upset when I talked to him at the WSW tour. Brian Cage trips up Darby and Aubrey throws Cage and Nana out of the arena. A lovely Code Red from Darby for a nearfall, but Darby wins with a Last Supper to Swerve Strickland. Post Match, MJF just decides to rock up with a microphone.

Segment 2: Promo

Midwaukee, hahahahaha. MJF first congratulates Darby for a great match (it was pretty great to be fair), considering he didn’t have Sting around. He mentions that they had a great match at Full Gear 2021 (which was also great). MJF mentions that he beat Darby with a transitional move (headlock takeover), and mentions that Darby is not on the level of the Devil. Darby responds with the question of are you happy. Darby mentions nothing changed despite being on national TV, that he didn’t go after material things (good to see him burying the title haha). Darby stopped caring about himself, he used money from AEW to help his family, Sting isn’t his father, sure Darby, sure. MJF calls Darby an arrogant little boy, that he is so sick of the other pillars having a moan about his morals, morals kill careers, words to live by MJF. MJF calls Darby a gutless coward because he can’t sacrifice what needs to be sacrifice.  MJF says that he wants to leave behind a legacy of being the greatest of all time, a Darby will be nothing more then Sting’s b*****. Its STING!!!!!!!!!!!!, with a microphone, love his jacket though. Sting mentions that he is offended that MJF sees him as a daddy daycare, but he is more like a cheerleader, complete with pom poms. Sting mentions that MJF had a support system in Cody, Darby has Sting for support and Sting had Ric Flair to put him on the map. Sting gives a shout to Nash and Hall (RIP buddy). Sting mentions that he doesn’t want to go for the AEW title because showtime is almost over for him, but starting for Darby Allin. MJF just spits in Darby’s face, simple but gosh did the crowd hate him for it. Man I miss the old AEW sets but hey they ‘upgraded’ so can’t complain.

Segment 3: Match

Out comes Powerhouse Hobbs for his match against Silas Young. For those who don’t know who Silas Young is, he is another Ring of Honor, who doesn’t even get his own entrance haha. This match is for the TNT Title. Hobbs is just munching Silas Young, and beats him pretty easily, poor Silas. Post match QT and Hobbs start dragging up Silas when Wardlow appears on the tron. He then gets inspired by Street Fighter 2 and starts wrecking Hobbs’s car. Wardlow just casually smashing a forklift into a car, absolutely stupid and I love it. Pity Braun did it by himself but hey a forklift is sufficient. Back at the arena Wardlow and Hobbs start brawling and the locker room empties a bit. At the end of the carnage, Wardlow stands tall and puts Aaron Soho through a table, that looked like a sickening thud.

A video shows Jay White mentioning that most of the best wrestlers were in Bullet Club, and we are getting more Bullet Club in AEW, don’t know how I feel about it because it kinda peaked in 2015.

Segment 4: Match

Well its time for Orange Cassidy vs Buddy Matthews. Out first is Buddy Matthews and he is accompanied by Julia Hart. Out next is Orange Cassidy, bring back Where is my mind you cowards, he is accompanied by the Best Friends. This match is for the AEW International Championship. Smooth stuff by both men. Cassidy’s hand seems to be aggravated and Matthews takes advantage and Matthews goes to town.  Matthew’s knee strikes are better then Omega’s V-Trigger. Cassidy with a Beach Break on the apron and damn. Cassidy stopping Matthews from mocking him by putting his hand in his pockets and Buddy just knees him, that made me laugh. Matthews kicking out of an Orange Punch, noice. A stomp by Matthews for a nearfall and I thought he had it there. Cassidy beats Matthews with a Mouse Trap, wish Matthews won that match, but hey I’m not the booker.

Post match we see a video from Christian Cage and Luchasaurus, Christian mentions that some things have changed. Ok Christian.

Renee interviews the best friends and Cassidy. Renee mentions about Cassidy’s hand but is ignored. The best friends issues a challenge for Aussie Open on Rampage, should be a great match.

Segment 5: Promo

Ethan Page is in the ring having a moan about Matt Hardy. Hardy comes out with Kassidy and calls Ethan Page the biggest hole of the ass of his life. Hardy then mentions that if Hook defeats Page, Private Party and Hardy leave the firm. Hardy calls out Stokely and Page but Big Bill and Lee Moriaty rush Kassidy and Hardy. Hook comes out to even the odds, but gets attacked by the Page and Bill. Out comes Jeff Hardy with a chair. Crowd are loving this, I really hope Jeff doesn’t mess this run up, please Jeff. AEW please, don’t let Jeff’s demons get the better of him, this is his last run.

Kenny Omega thanks the fans and Adam Page. Omega wants to have a match with BCC against the Elite for attacking Don Callis. Omega promises that the BCC will suffer for Don Callis.

Segment 6: Match

I call this a match but its going to be a mugging. Man, the crowd loves the BCC, despite them being heels. Out comes Cutler and Nakazawa for their intense beating. Well here comes the pain, Nakazawa is busted open, bloody hell, so is Cutler. For once, Moxley is bleeding more then his opponents.  The BCC win, off course. Moxley is calling out the Elite but knows that the Elite are still at the hospital because of their glass jaws. Out comes Kenny Omega and he wants a fight. Behind the BCC, it’s the Young Bucks and there is an all out brawl.

Segment 7: Match

Out comes Riho and Skye Blue to Riho’s music. Out comes the Outcasts (Ruby Soho and Toni Storm are wrestling this one). Well another day, another job for Skye Blue.  Hot starts from Riho and Skye Blue. Blue having to balance Riho on the top rope was amusing. Not going to lie, this match seems to be the cooldown match for the main event, which really sucks because these guys are normally pretty great. So Skye Blue just took down the Outcasts by herself for a bit, that was awesome. The action just decides to pick up and its chaos. Toni Storm gets the pin for the Outcasts after she hits a Storm Zero on Skye Blue. Post match, the Outcasts keep attacking Blue and Riho. Out comes Jamie Hayter to take the fight to the Outcasts, but gets swarmed but is saved by Britt Baker. Wonder when they are gonna finish this story?

Segment 8: Match Its time for the Main Event and our Karaoke Sing a long for Judas.  Jericho comes out with just Daniel Garcia. Out comes Keith Lee, the man looks like an amateur sumo wrestler. Also props to the guy with a sign that says you’re mid, hahahaha. This match is a crowd fuelled match, hopefully the pace picks up a bit. At least Keith Lee is getting a nice showcase here. Keith Lee countered a code breaker into a spirit bomb, damn son that was brilliant. Garcia distracting the ref and Strickland gets a cheap shot on his former partner Keith Lee and that shot allows Jericho to beat Keith Lee and the crowd is silent for it hahahahahahahaha. Out comes Adam Cole to make sure that Kei

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