AEW Dynamite – 6/04/2023

It’s AEW Dyanmite, you know what that means, a review from your good friend Sam. This show was really good, everything just seemed to hit, even the Hook and Page match. However, I just want to quickly talk about the main event. This was the Gunn’s best match in AEW, it was a really great match. However, why was this on a random Dynamite, with such high stakes? Why does it take all of this for the Gunns to have a great match? Either way glad FTR won because I don’t think Tony wants to lose them just yet.

Segment one – Match

Out comes the man with great music but a crap pose, Ricky Starks for his match against Juice Robinson. Instead Jay White and Juice Robinson beat down Ricky Starks. My boy, Jay White is here in AEW Dynamite. Make Jay a world champion please, don’t mess him up AEW. Ricky trying to fight back but gets taken down by Juice. Crowd just cheering the Switchblade, bloody great to see him wrestling in America.

Backstage, Jericho compliments Adam Cole on his match with Daniel Garcia. Jericho getting annoyed that Adam Cole gets all this celebration while Daniel Garcia was laying. Here comes Keith Lee who looks like he is in his 60s. Lee talks about how he respects Cole but wants to teach Jericho respect. Lee’s voice is just beautiful, let this guy narrate something.

Segment two – Match

Here comes the House of Black, the current Trios champions for their match against the Best Friends with Orange Cassidy for the Trios champiomship. The Best Friends get driven by Trent Berretta’s mum in a mini-van, hahahahaha that is absolutely wonderful. A series of tags between both teams and it comes to Orange Cassidy vs Buddy Matthews. Matthews and Cassidy just casually doing a beautiful sequence with ease.  The match is starting to break down, with Brody King being a great big man on the outside and Cassidy doing a coffin drop and smacked on the ring apron, damn. Berretta meats the same fate, Chuck Taylor eats a mean superkick. Also loving Julia Hart is getting a less is more but its working for me. The commentators mentioning that Brody King and Malakai Black are making some tattooist very wealthy made me laugh harder then it should have. Good nearfall from the best friends and then from outta nowhere, Matthews with an excellent knee strike, Omega needs to up his game to beat that one. Black and Cassidy dodging each others finishers and ends with a stun dog millionaire by Cassidy. Trent trying to get Brody Kind up for piledriver and after some weakening by the best friends, he gets him up and is only saved by Black knocking him over.  Matthews gets a stomp on Trent Berreta and wins the match for the House of Black. Bloody brilliant match, trios division is my favourite division in AEW its too much fun.

In an undisclosed location, Christian brings out Luchasaurus, oh dear look out guys.

Segment three – Match

Out comes Riho with here pumped up theme for her match against Jamie Hayter for the AEW Women’s Championshio. I got to be honest with you guys, I am really looking forward to this one. Hayter comes out without Britt Baker, nice touch, nevermind Baker joins her. Baker has a sign that says Hayterade, hahahaha, nice.  A handshake by both competitors. Fast paced match between both competitors. Give Hayter more chances to defend her title please, this match is going pretty well. Riho gets knocked around for a bit then embraces her inner Rey mysterio to hit a 619 for a lovely near fall. Also, Hayter is really great at kick outs. Riho now in control of the match with some high risk moves. Crowd really starting to get into this match, too them long enough. Brainbuster countered into a DDT from Riho, sweet Mary was that smooth. A hurricanrana from Riho from the top rope and Hayter survives with a boot to the ropes.  Hayter countering a backslide with a lariat for a near fall, then goes for another ripcord and retains the AEW women’s world championship.

Backstage, Renee interviews the Outcasts. They congratulate Jamie but set their sights on the championship. Renee also points out that there is one championship but three of them, this gets blown off. Saraya then ends the interview with buy our shirt, hahahahaha.

Segment four – Promo

Here is the JAS asking the crowd what makes his nipples hard. Here are the Acclaimed, Jericho full of s*** within the raps damn Max. The JAS trying to copy the Acclaimed to make them join, they are interrupted by Billy Gunn who tell them that scissoring should be done by professionals hahahaha. That was quick. Also the JAS and the Acclaimed are fighting together on Rampage, cool I guess.

Segment five – Promo

Its MJF Day, he then receives the key to the city of Long Island. The video then has MJF do an annoying promo. We then get a swing band for a man and his music, ok. But they are accompanying MJF and he gets serenaded by the Long Island crowd. God damn is he stroking the crowd’s ego, also shout out to the guy that says it never rains in Long Island hahaha. MJF then starts to sing, this is weird but MJF has a decent voice. Joseph Salidino then gets introduced but gets booed out of the building but MJF is like the dude is cool don’t worry guys. Crowd casually booing Darby, Sammy and Jungle Boy. Long Island just showing off why they are the most annoying type of Americans haha, however clapping and chanting for ADD, carry on. MJF doing a face promo but only for these Long Island idiots but cusses out all the other kids, good stuff.  Welp Jungle Boy takes out MJF and the crowd just booing him, haha stay mad you Long Island crybabies.

Segment six – Match

Here is Sammy Guevara for his match against Komander. Welp here comes the acrobatic match of the night. So Sammy hits a cutter while Komander is walking the top rope, Sammy then hits him with the GTH to win the match. Post match, Sammy just says that he does something that MJF doesn’t ,wrestle. Sammy reminds MJF that Shawn Spears beat Sammy, not MJF. Sammy saying that he built his pillar, brick by brick while MJF did it by selling his soul. Sammy saying that he isn’t letting some rich boy from s***** Long Island tear this company down, hahahahahaha.

Segment seven – Match

It’s the FTW title match between Hook and Ethan Page. Well Matt Hardy just betrayed Ethan Page, and Hook beats Ethan Page with a rear naked choke hold.

Backstage with Nigel McGuiness, holy crap its Nigel Friggen McGuiness. Just for Tony “I can’t keep my foot out of my mouth” Khan. Khan saying that he is happy for Nigel to be in AEW with the same excitement reserved for a game of cricket. He then mentions that AEW is going to London for All In. Thankfully Adam Cole, does the announcement.

Segment 8 – Match

It’s the Blackpool Combat Club with an entrance long enough to give Undertaker a run for his money. They are wrestling a match with three random people. BCC just destroys these poor dudes. Post Match, Danielson cuts a promo saying that he loves his family and he loves each member of the BCC for different reasons. He also loves professional wrestling and that AEW is full of amateurs. Out comes Adam Page to take issue with the BCC, in which Danielson responds with here comes another amateur and gets rekt by the BCC, silly boy. Danielson offers for anyone to come out from the back, mainly because no one loves Adam Page. Danielson stabs Page with a screwdriver, damn Danielson.

Segment 9 – Match Its time for the main event its FTR vs the Gunns, gosh I hope FTR wins, the Gunns aren’t championship material, yet. Crowd fully behind FTR. FTR wins the tag titles after a brilliant

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