Thursday Afternoon AEW Dynamite – 23/03/23

Hi guys, it’s Sam for the AEW Review, very good show. Good showcase for Top Flight and Butcher and the Blade, Adam Cole’s first opponent back is announced and a killer main event.

Sweet Mary the Bucks have been ambushed before the show, Adam Page going with them.

Segment one – Match

Here comes Orange Cassidy for the regularly scheduled awesome match. Out comes Darby Allin and Daddy Sting, bloody Justin Roberts is doing some good ring announcing. They are facing Kip Sabian with the Butcher and the Blade. Can we see the Butcher and the Blade as tag champs, to be fair anyone would be better then the Gunns. Good to see Cassidy in a new rivalry instead of Jarrett and Lethal. Sting is just casually wrestling in his 60s, my goodness. Sting rolling away from Kip Sabian and Sabian changing turnbuckles is brilliant. Sting gets Kip Sabian in a Scorpion Death Drop and wins the match for his team. Fun match, sweet mary is it good to see mostly non former WWE guys in a match.

Segment two – Match

Now we got the Gunns vs Top ‘we have springs for legs’ Flight. Crowd calling the Gunns assholes, yeah fair. Look I don’t have the Gunns, I just don’t think they should be the champs, division feels a bit weak. Top Flight are just brilliant in the ring guys, it is a privilege to watch them every week. The Kingdom casually wiping out the Kingdom, yay more ROH on AEW. Gunns retain with a 3:10 to Yuma (love the name btw). FTR just casually challenging the Gunns to a match for the titles, but if they lose they quit AEW. Gosh I hope FTR win.

Segment three – Match

Its time for Stokely Hathaway vs Hook. Can you imagine if Hook just beats the four pillars of AEW to win the championship, king of the trolls haha. Stokely with a retirement speech and that he is not medically cleared, but gives Roberts a receipt instead of a doctors note hahahahaha. Hook just murders Stokely, blood hell that was a snuff film. Damn Hook.

Segment four – Promo

ADAM COLE BAY BAY!!!!!!!! Gosh his catchphrases are high nonsense, but hey they are super catchy. Adam Cole seems to have found his first opponent, its king knob himself Daniel Garcia.

Segment five – Match

Its time for Wild Thing and king of the blade job, Jon Moxley for his match with Stu Grayson, in AEW’s best feud at this time. Mox hits Stu Grayson with an avalanche Death Rider to win the match. Folks, believe me when I say it, the two men beat the absolute crap out of each other, can we have round 2 soon please?

Segment six – Match

Out comes Toni Storm to do the weekly duty of Skye Blue jobbing to ex WWE talent. Poor Skye, one Storm Zero later and Skye is done for, nothing special unfortunately. Post match Riho and Willow Nightingale chase off the Outcasts.

Segment seven – Match

Of course Kenny Omega is in the main event. You’re gonna tell Kenny Omega that he is wrestling one of the best wrestlers in the world, one of the biggest Mexican stars since El Santo and not take the main event. This match is great, but it just makes me sad because Vikingo is my age. Pretty much Japanese strong style vs Mexican Lucha style. Kenny Omega wins with the One-Winged Angel, because of course he did. Blackpool Combat Club just wrecking Omega and here comes Adam Page who just casually steals an ambulance to come back hahaha. Don Callis is trying to drive a wedge between Page and Omega, Callis framing Page for attacking Callis.

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