AEW Dynamite Review – 16/03/2023

It’s Thursday, you know what that means. It’s time for the AEW Dynamite Review with yours truly Sam. Very great show for the Canadians, pity about Nicole Matthews. My goodness that main event was fun and the post match shenanigans were amazing. Fun show with a fun crowd = awesome.

Segment 1: Promo

Out comes MJF for his Bar Mitzvah, accompanied by his very own entourage. MJF calls Canadians dumb because they thought Bret Hart was better then Shawn Michaels, hahahaha good one mate. MJF is really pulling out all the tricks to get heat. MJF says that he is having a re-Bar Mitzvah because he is now an iron man. According to MJF if you don’t clap along, your anti sematic, how does this get onto TV. Out comes Jungle Boy with his awesome theme, that I am absolutely singing along with.  Next Sammy Guevara comes out and finally Darby Allin comes out, the four pillars of AEW are all together. MJF says that these guys are ruining his Bar Mitzvah and they all want title matches. Jungle Boy calls out MJF for taking 20 minutes every week for hokey bs, nice. Sammy pulling a botchamania with a you talk to me, have fun Maffew. Each man talk about how much they have had to grind just get to where they are now in AEW. Sammy all of a sudden a babyface, weird but is cutting a good promo, then he said dumbass Canadians and all is right with the world hahaha. MJF calling out Sammy for locker room brawls which damn Max, Darby Allin interrupts. Darby says that AEW doesn’t want to change him. Darby also calling out people for having a moan on Twitter about AEW. MJF looks like crap my god but my goodness is ripping a new one into everyone with the claws coming out mighty quick. MJF invites the three to leave so he can eat his cake because he deserves it. A brawl ensues between the four pillars with MJF getting his face in cake. Bloody entertaining segment between the four men.

Segment 2: Match

Here comes the Blackpool Combat Club with only Moxley’s theme hahaha. Out next is Hangman Adam Page and then the Dark Order (really keen on people joining them aye), its Uno  and Grayson (The Canadian ones). Explosive start to the match with Moxley and Yuta laying it in on Evil Uno. Forbidden Door 2 just gets announced by the commentators, ok cool. Uno tags in Grayson with Grayson going wild, even no selling strikes from both Claudio and Moxley. Grayson gets hit with an assisted spike piledriver on the outside, damn. The heels are currently dominating Grayson, but Grayson is holding on, somehow kicking out of two piledrivers. Adam Page is tagged in and taking on the whole BCC. Bodies are flying everywhere until Yuta tags in Moxley and the two brawl. Page goes for the buckshot lariat and Yuta smacks Page with the ring bell. Stu Grayson is just going hog wild on the BCC. A wombo combo from Grayson and Uno and Moxley kicks out a two. A fatality to Moxley and Yuta breaks up the pin. Yuta being the MVP of the BCC. Uno eliminated by Yuta and Grayson taps to Moxley’s bulldog choke. The Dark Order are getting beaten down when Silver and Reynolds come down to chase away the BCC. Really fun match between the two groups.

Segment 3: Match

Out comes Jade Cargill for the Canadian open challenge, good to finally see her on Dynamite. The challenger is Nicole Matthews, hell yeah, pity she got a jobber entrance. Matthews is only a two time Shimmer tag champ and two time Shimmer Champ, poor Nicole. Nicole just got squashed by Jade Cargill, what the hell did Nicole do to deserve this, sheesh, I guess being a champion in Shimmer don’t count for anything. Renee Pacquette comes out and asks what Jade is looking for in which Jade starts advancing on Jade. Out comes Taya Valkyrie, guess we aren’t getting Frankie Monet. Welcome to the meat grinder of Jade Cargill opponents where you come in with excitement and then get jobbed to Jade. On the good side, Jade is wrestling pretty well, obvious improvement, Jade got a lot going for her. Leila Grey tries to attack Taya, in which Taya responds by hitting a Jaded on Leila Grey.

Segment 4: Promo

Ricky Starks is backstage and calls Juice Robinson jealous due to the attention. He also says if Juice has any issues he can bring it to Ricky Starks. Promo was ok.

Segment 5: Promo

Its time for QTV hosted by QT Marshall. On QTV we find out that it was Aaron Soho of all people who broke into Wardlow’s car and stole all of his stuff. Each member of QTV have a laugh about stealing his stuff. Will Hobbs says welcome to Will’s World.

Segment 6: Match

Out comes Grandpa Jarrett for his match against Orange Cassidy for the AEW International Championship. Gosh I hope Jarrett doesn’t win. Apparently the Shockmaster rocked up to AEW Dynamite, do us a favour trip through a wall again. Also this match is being treated like such a big deal, like what about the other matches that he had. Orange Cassidy’s knee buckled from last week, good storytelling, Jarrett mocking Cassidy. This prompts Cassidy to now start trying to kick some ass. To the outside and Jarrett hits Cassidy with a garbage bin and he keeps up the beating. Cassidy selling that knee very well with it costing him critical moments. Jarrett grabs a mic and clocks Cassidy with it.  Jarrett puts Cassidy in a sharpshooter but Cassidy gets out and locks Jarrett in a sharpshooter, nice. Jarrett having great offence, keep dreaming Schiavone. Cassidy seems to be copying Jarrett only to be met by Satnam Singh. Jarrett has a figure four on Cassidy and Cassidy fights his way out. Ref goes down and her comes the guitar. Good thing Aubrey is here to prevent Jarrett form using the guitar.  Cassidy chucks an Eddie Guerrero and forces Singh and Dutt away from the ring.  Cassidy going for an Orange Punch when Jay Lethal interferes for a nearfall. Trent Beretta takes out Jay Lethal. Orange Punch to Jarrett and Cassidy retains the AEW International Championship. Nice story based match, the knee was very well sold by Cassidy.

Segment 7: Promo

Here comes the Outcasts. The group says that without the Outcasts there wouldn’t be a division. Saraya calls them twats, nice, pity she got fined for that. Toni says that when Jamie Hayter beat her for the title the fans loved it, despite the smile on her face. Toni then mentions that they will go through the home grown talent, which prompts Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter to come out and brawl with the Outcasts. However, the odds turn against the two. Out comes Riho, Willow Nightingale and Skye Blue to chase away the Outcasts. Good to see that the victims of Jade Cargill are doing something else.

Segment 8: Match

I’m looking forward to this one guys. Its gonna be madness.  Out first is the House of Black, gosh their entrance is pretty great. Carry on my wayward son, there’ll be peace when you are done, lay your weary head to rest, don’t you cry no more, it’s the Elite you guys. Bloody hell does Canada love Omega, wait until Jericho comes out. Its now the JAS (Jericho, Guevara and Garia) and the audience just erupts and time for the weekly sing a long of Judas.  We now have Jericho and Omega in the ring, just for that sweet Canadian pop and the House of Black ruins it, good on them. Just bodies flying everywhere, eventually its Jericho and Omega in the ring. Gosh I remember how much I hate the fight forever chant, and the match just slowed down to Omega and Jericho. During the main event, the BCC and the Dark Order are brawling in the back. That’s odd its usually BCC and Dark Order in the ring and Omega, the Bucks and Guevara usually in backstage brawls. I am kidding of course. House of Black retain their titles after a Dante’s Inferno. Here comes Jake Hager and he is getting beaten down by the House of Black. Now the brawl from back has come to the front. The Elite have come to save Page and they chase away the BCC.

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