Tuesday Morning Raw Review – 21/03/2023

Hi guys, Sam here for the Raw Review. Fairly good show, a showcase for the midcard which always nice. Shout out to Chad Gable and Ricochet for match of the night. Shoutout to Chelsea Green for being a great cringe heel. Shoutout to Edge for his awesome promo tonight and finally the road to Wrestlemania makes me want to watch some of the matches finally. Raw in Australia starts at 12pm AEDT and it can be watched on FOX8 and Binge.

Segment one – Promo

Out comes Kevin Owens with his awesome guitar riff. Out comes Sami Zayn with his catchy theme. Sami and Kevin just spitting positive bars about each other and its wonderful. Out comes the Usos, DOWN SINCE …. DAY ONE-ISH, love me some wrestling themes that slap. Zayn goads Jey Uso by saying that he will betray Roman Reigns, lovely stuff. KO basically says that at Wrestlemania it will be the Usos vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn for the undisputed tag titles. Boy talk about a consolation prize.  A brawl ensues between the two teams. A car pulls up and here is Solo Sikoa, Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns.

Segment two – Match

A Town down Austin Theory is out for his match with Montez Ford. Here comes another Mania commercial. Here comes Montez Ford with enough energy to out energy and energy drink. Montez Ford with some John Cena moves, noice. Sweet Mary, does Montez Ford get height on his jumps, he truly has springs for legs. Theory is no slouch either but Ford is just brilliant isn’t he. Austin Theory beats Montez Ford with an A-Town Down. Short match but still managed to showcase both men, did it’s job. Post match Theory says that Cena don’t believe in him, but he will.

Segment three – Promo

Backstage the Bloodline discuss if they good. Jimmy explains that they may have taken a few shots but nothing compares to nearly losing his brother. Reigns gets everyone to leave except Jey. Look at the conflict on his face, goddamn the dude should get an Oscar. Reigns questions Jey why he is making decisions when he should fall in line. The guy who yelled he is the Bloodline is a legend. Jey responds that he is family, he is Bloodline Uce. Happy Heyman/Wiseman asks if Reigns found the answer he was looking for, Reigns answers yes. Good stuff from all involved.

Segment four – Promo

Adam Pearce starts to talk about the Wrestlemania showcase matches until he is interrupted by Chelsea Green asking for the manager, lol. Green mentions that Carmella is nowhere to be seen, she then announces that Piper Niven will help her beat Belair and Asuka. Green then goes full Karen on Adam Pearce for not putting her in the showcase match, gosh this is good heel heat.

Segment five – Match

Well here comes the tall bastard himself, Omos. Mustafa Ali getting no entrance, that’s bs, he deserves better.  Ali is getting squashed, poor thing, at least he is making Omos look better. Ziggler is watching on just to have a laugh at Ali’s expense. Omos beats Ali with the crap Khali bomb. Logan Paul is walking backstage and the Miz tries to get Logan Paul to be his first guest on his talk show. He declines with his associate asking who was that, fun stuff

Segment six – Promo

Out comes Logan Paul for his impulsive TV. Btw Mick Moretti wants a word about the beginning of his theme. Also there is a wanker in the audience with a sign saying drink prime. Logan says he doesn’t have to be here, he wants to be here. Paul is pissed that the fans will never respect him and that he don’t care. God damn you gotta wonder why he didn’t come into the WWE as a heel, damn he is great at it. Paul doesn’t even invite anyone because none of his celebrity mates to St Louis and then rags on the teams, good stuff.  Happy birthday to me, I get to kick some ass – Logan Paul, 2023, that was funnier then it had any right to be.  Paul mocks Seth for a bit until his mic gets cut off by Seth Rollins. What is he wearing, it looks like he watched the Lion King and killed a leopard. Rollins triggering his own music and taunting Paul. Crowd sing-a-longs are great. Paul telling people to shut up and that they are tone deaf is brilliant. Logan Paul trying to interrupt Seth is brilliant and he is right the outfit is stupid. Seth conducts the crowd for a bit and takes Logan Paul down. A brawl ensues and gets cut off by Paul’s security. Rollins just dives onto the security but gets hit with a one lucky shot knocks out Rollins.

Wrestlemania the musical is announced starring the Miz which is werid.

Segment seven – match

Outcomes the Judgement Day, in particular Dominick Mysterio and Damian Priest. Out comes Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis, to barely any reaction. Big ooft. At least he is getting some Johnny Wrestling chants. Some good wrestling from both Gargano and Dom. Dom doing the three amigos but gets countered. Man if I could stand as still as Dexter Lumis, my goodness. Dom doing 619s hahahaha. Dom hits Gargano with a frog splash and wins the match. Really enjoyed this match. Dom still trying to goad Rey into a match at Wrestlemania. Dominic Mysterio is rapidly becoming my favourite part of WWE.

The Bloodline minus Reigns gets told to have the night off, except Solo and Heyman.

Segment Eight – Promo

Edge in a candle lit room, good to see him in a Brood setting. Edge says he is unleashing his monster on an unexperienced Finn. Edge is the evil of the valley, leave Finn at home and bring the demon. This is to meet the devil, you’ll like to meet him. With that I can’t wait for the Hell in a Cell match, hell of a promo.

Segment Nine – Promo/Match

THIS IS MY BRUTALITY!!!!!!! Mami’s here, its Rhea Ripley. Rhea says that Charlotte thinks she runs the division but that means people respect each other. Ripley shutting down the what chant is nice. Ripley saying Charlotte keeps people down but not her and that its over. Out comes Damage Ctrl and Bayley mentions that their group respects her because they don’t like Charlotte. Rhea says she don’t need help from them three. Rhea goading Damage Ctrl to join her in the ring. Bayley just decides to walk in the ring but Adam Pearce wants to make it official. Not ring ready, we don’t believe you Rhea. You know you’re division’s alright when you can afford to have a PPV main event on a random Raw. I’ve noticed that Damage Ctrl isn’t attacking Rhea, could mean something or absolutely nothing but still nice. Out comes Becky Lynch, Lita and Trish Stratus they are just here with popcorn hahaha. Rhea just casually kicking out at one for Bayleys crap finisher. A brawl between Damaga Ctrl and Lynch;s crew. Bayley back in the ring and gets hit with a riptide and Rhea Ripley beats Bayley.

Segment Ten – Promo/Match

Backstage Otis, is getting a makeover and Gable encourages Otis to be ringside. Maxine Dupri tries to coerce Otis to go model. Otis then goes with Gable, this is just fun. Out comes Ricochet and Braun Strowman. A Mania commercial and it’s the Brawling Brutes and Mcintyre parodying the 40 year old virgin. Butch just walking out haha then walking back in and waxing, just fun. Mcintyre corpsing throughout the whole commercial is great. Andy Kaufman is going into the Hall of Fame. Out comes the Alpha Academy for Gable’s match with Ricochet. This match rocks you guys. Out comes Maxinne Dupri to lure Otis away as Gable watches on. Ricochet beats Chad Gable with a shooting star press. Bugger me what a match, the showcase match is just gonna be crazy. Poor Gable though.

Segment Eleven – Match

Out comes Bianca Belair and her psychotic partner, Asuka. Green and Piper Niven didn’t get entrances that’s a shame. Belair winning the match with a KOD on Piper Niven. Good match and a post match beatdown from Asuka.

Segment Twelve – Promo

Here he is, its Roman Reigns, flanked by Solo Sikoa and Wiseman Paul Heyman. As soon as he says Acknowledge me, Cody Rhodes comes out because wrestling has more than one royal family. ADRENALINE, IN MY SOUL, SOMETHING SOMETHING CODY RHODES!!!!!!!!!! Roman Reigns just going to town on Rhodes, like didn’t he tell you he has a family, he only says every goddamn week. Reigns just saying that Rhodes just runs away like a little b. Really leaning into this sports entertainer vs wrestler. Rhodes just sewing seeds of doubt within Reigns that he may lose all of the Bloodline. Solo acting out of line, he needed to be yelled at, but Rhodes goads him but eats a kick from Rhodes. Solo is ready for a fight but Reigns stops him.

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