Tuesday Morning RAW Review – 14/03/2023

Hi everyone Sam here for the RAW review. This Raw was really fun to watch and a nice showcase of people who don’t always get a chance. Shoutout to Chad Gable for being great as he usually is. Also shout out to Baron Corbin for just being fun to watch in promos. Anyway onto the show.

Segment one – Promo

Edge comes out and calls out the Judgement Day, Edge then accepts Finn Balors challenge for Wrestlemania. ITS HELL ….. IN A CELL, with Finn bringing in the Demon so we are getting Demon Finn Balor vs Edge. Judgement Day come down and beat down Edge. Here is Gargano, Lerae and Lumis to even the odds.

Segment  two – Match

It’s the judgement day vs Lumis and Gargano. Man pity Lumis can’t get over his character because his wrestling is pretty great, ditto Gargano. The Judgement Day win after a brutal head kick from Damian Priest to Dexter Lumis. Good to see the announcers putting over how dangerous Hell in a Cell.

Segment three – Promo

Backstage Chad Gable is looking for Otis when the Miz tells Chad that he doesn’t bring his pets everywhere, ouch. Cathy Kelley wants to co-host Mania but Miz laughs in her face. We then cut to Damage Ctrl beating down Trish Stratus. Trish taking a vicious looking bump on the floor from Dakota.

Segment four – Promo

Here comes Omos, the most interesting thing about him is MVP. MVP hyping up Omos by calling out Brock Lesnar making a mistake. Out comes Farmer Brock Lesnar, the  best Brock Lesnar, the two beasts get into a brawl where Omos botches a top rope clothesline. Brock demanding his farmer hat from the referee is brilliant. Gosh poor Brock Lesnar, should have been Bobby or Braun not this nonsense. Omos go back down to NXT and get that little better mate you are almost there.

Segment five – Match

ADRENALINE IN MY SOUL, SOMETHING SOMETHING CODY RHODES. Its Cody Rhodes vs LA Knight (swear he is on Smackdown but ok). Cody Rhodes beats LA Knight with a Cross Rhodes. LA Knight still did pretty well with Cody Rhodes which is nice. Wish Cody Rhodes would lose once in a while but hey they want him to dethrone Reigns. Now the man has a mic, basically saying that he is going to fight the Bloodline. Essentially going against Heyman’s advice, calling this personal because he wants to be somebody. Poor guy, his breathing his making me laugh. He wants Reigns to acknowledge him because he acknowledges Reigns.

Segment six – Promo

Rollins is backstage with a Cruella De Ville coat. Rollins says that Logan Paul won the lottery in that Paul knocked him down last week, Rollins said he can’t keep him down. Miz interrupts him and mocks him. Baron Corbin then comes out and offers Seth boxing lessons against Logan Paul, hahahaha. Welp we are getting Rollins vs Corbin tonight.

Segment seven – Match

Here comes Elias and Rick Boogs for Elias vs Bronson Reed. Rick Boogs taking notes is mildly humorous. Reed looking like a boss, imagine him vs Lashley gosh that would slap, back to the match I guess. Reed hits a Tsunami and beats Elias. Reed is getting booked quite well, just book him on a path of destruction. Or book him to beat Omos and face Brock Lesnar at Mania, won’t happen but let me dream dammit.

Segment eight – promo

Chad Gable is still looking for Otis and desperately searching. Meanwhile Lynch and Lita go to the doctor’s office to check on Trish.

Segment nine – Promo

Owens is backstage and is telling Cody Rhodes to not interfere in his match against Solo and anyone else with him. He is content fighting the bloodline alone. Love his gimmick, he believes the bloodline is his problem and doesn’t want Cody to get injured before his match with Reigns. Good stuff.

Segment ten – Promo/match

Austin Theory just bragging to the Street Profits about his match with Cena. Theory asks who is the toughest and points to Dawkins. He calls Montez a bag of jokes, he mentions every time Ford gets an opportunity he chokes. Out comes Austin Theory with his banger of a theme down to the ring for his match with Dawkins. Theory locking Dawkins in an STF after he beats Dawkins in which Montez Ford chases him away.

Segment eleven – Promo

Heyman is backstage and responds to Rhodes. Heyman calls him a schmuck for acknowledging Reigns in a mocking way. He announces that Reigns will be on RAW next week so that Rhodes can acknowledge Reigns as the Tribal Chief.

Segment twelve – Promo

Out comes Rey Mysterio in the ring to celebrate the biggest honour of being in the Hall of Fame. He says that his Hall of Fame induction is not just him but the people who helped him in the industry and the fans. Out comes Dom to take a dump on his dad, to nuclear heat, good stuff. Props to the guy with ‘Forget Rhea Rhipley, Im your Mami’ sign. Dom is mad that Rey picked the fans over his own kids. Rey ditching Dom for Mania, getting him a BMW instead of a Mercedes. Dominic Mysterio challenges his father to a match at Wrestlemania. Rey is declining, that he doesn’t want to fight his own son, and that he loves his son. Dominic yelling out you taught me what not to be which causes Rey to walk away in shame.

Segment thirteen – Promo

Lynch, Lita and Stratus just say that Damage Ctrl are getting their head kicked in, and that they are pissed off. Noice.

Segment fourteen – Match

Out comes Miz for commentary duties. The stranger things parody featuring Cena and Ripley is pretty great aye. Its Rollins and Corbin with the crowd just doing karaoke always nice. Rollins throws Corbin into the Miz, fun stuff. Miz trying to get involved in the match but gets used as a stepping stone for Rollins to curb stomp Corbin and win the match.

Segment fifteen – Match

Out comes Bianca Belair for her match against Chelsea Green, who is accompanied by Carmella. Bianca Belair beats Chelsea Green and gets attacked by Carmella which prompts Asuka to race out and kick Chelsea Green in the head. Both Belair and Asuka take it in turns to beat up Chelsea Green. Asuka picks up the championship and teases Belair with it.

Segemtn sixteen – Match

Its time for the Main Event, it’s a street fight between Solo Sikoa and Kevin Owens. Hard hitting match between the two, especially the bump Owens took on the chairs. Owens taking Solo backstage where he is met with by the Usos who superkick him in the face. They drag him back to the ring and give him another superkick. Solo Sikoa beats Kevin Owens with the Samoan Spike.

Wrestler of the show: The Miz

The Miz is currently firing on all cylinders at the moment, being an integral part in the Rollins/Paul feud. The hits keep on coming with him, good on him. The Miz is one of the most consistent acts in WWE today and is always reliable to put on a good show. A veteran of the WWE, the Miz is a grand slam champion with his last championship being the a 2 day WWE title reign.

Interesting fact: The Miz has main event more Wrestlemanias then the following people: Kurt Angle, Kane, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan with a total of one.

Trivia: Are you a wrestling smarty, then answer me this

How many more intercontinental championships does the Miz need to beat Chris Jericho’s record?

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