World Series Wrestling Unleash Hell – Night 4 Sydney

Hi guys, it’s Sam for the review of the final night of World Series Wrestling Night Four. Very fun show, good to meet and see some international talents. Shoutout to Josh Alexander and Mick Moretti for having the match of the night, with Steph De Lander, Shazza Mckenzie and Jordynne Grace being a close second. Without further ado, lets get on with the show.

Segment One – Promo

The Major Players come out for a promo. They say they can’t wait to get out of Australia and that they belong in the main event. They call out both Bandido and Johnny DownUnder and say that they suck.

Segment two – match

Out comes Robbie Eagles to a huge pop, good on him. His opponent is the extremely talented TJP. Robbie starts the match by trying to get a chant for TJP but laughs it off. Some nice submissions by TJP. Both men doing some chain wrestling and then TJP just using a head stand to counter a headlock, nice. Some acrobatics from both men, Robbie keeping pace the younger TJP. Beautiful acrobatics from TJP, he is targeting Robbie’s arm. TJP showing why he is one of the best cruiserweights in the world with a brutal submission. Robbie’s arm is taking a beating tonight, poor bloke. Robbie with a small comeback and a knee to the face to TJP. Now the pace has picked up with both men hitting aerial moves left, right and centre. Robbie just no selling a back slam was kinda boss. TJP with an awesome DDT followed up by a frog splash. TJP goes for the pin but Robbie kicks out. Robbie gets TJPO in a leg lock with TJP desperately going for the rope break. TJP retains his title against Robbie Eagles with a roll up.

Segment three – match

Out comes Jessica Troy for her match against Effy. Effy walking around with a business jacket, brave my dude. Troy dominating early until Effy starts no selling Troy’s chops and takes control. Troy countering a vertical suplex into a roll up which was nice. Effy thrusting himself into Troy with Troy responding with a powerbomb for a nearfall. A magnificent DDT from Troy to Effy on the outside. Effy responds with a cutter and a submission. Troy escapes the submission and locks in her Fujiwara Armbar on Effy. Jessica Troy beats Effy by submission.

Segment four – match

Here comes Josh Alexander for his match against Mick Moretti. Out comes Mick Moretti looking like he come from a safari in Australia. Moretti starts the match by slowly taking off accessories he is wearing. Once the last piece has been taken off, it becomes a fast paced match between the two. Moretti getting by with shenanigans while Alexander just hitting him with brute strength. Match slowing down with a headlock or two. Some very inventive shenanigans from Moretti and he is really showing off his acrobatics. Alexander with some nice counters but Moretti gives Alexander a back suplex for a nearfall. Alexander comes back with a brutal looking powerbomb, with Moretti kicking out at the last minute. An exchange of suplexes between the two men. Alexander catches Mick Moretti with a piledriver to win the match.

Segment five – match

Out comes Blake Christian, then next is Everett Connors. Joey Janela is the third member of this match. This match was just bonkers, so many moves happening at once, do yourself a favour, go watch this one. However, Blake Christian picked up the win after pinning Everett Connors (side note, Connors is your back ok, that stomp looked brutal).

Segment six – match

It’s Chris Basso and Erik Redbeard vs The Flippin Machines. A very solid tag team title match betwen the two teams with some excellent wrestling, particularly from the big men. Poor Flip Gordon ate some big moves, but on the flip side he does have an annoying theme song. In the end, Basso and Redbeard (known as warbeard) won the tag titles from the Flippin Machines after a doomsday device on Flip Gordon.

Segment seven – match

Out comes Steph de Lander, then Shazza Mckenzie and finally Jordynne Grace. Really good match between these three, Shazza taking some truly vicious shots. In the end it was Steph de Lander who came out on top to win the WSW womens championship from Jordynne Grace. Post match, the rebellion (Lena Kross, Jessica Troy and Shazza Mckenzie) put Jordynne Grace through two chairs.

Segment eight – match

It’s time for the main event, out comes Bandido and Johnny DownUnder. Now it’s time for the Major Players to come out and just be a nuisance to the crowd. Good match, heel turn from Steph de Lander and some good high flying antics from Johnny and Bandido. However, the Major Players won when Steph de Lander smacked Johnny in the head with a chair. Post match Shawn Spears just decided he wants to rock up to Australia at Full Throttle to have a match against Matt Cardona. Johnny and Bandido come after Spear’s promo to lay out the heels and send the crowd home happy.

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