AEW Dynamite Review – 9/03/2023

AEW Dynamite Review – 9/03/2023

Its Thursday and you know what that means. It was a pretty good show, with particular highlights going to the main event, being two beefy boys kicking the living daylights out of each other. Good stuff.

1st Segment – Match

Here comes the standard Orange Cassidy title defence and today it is against Jay Lethal. Gotta love when the commentators can be heard by the audience haha great production guys. Lot of arm drags from both competitors. Crowd can’t decide if they love or hate Lethal. Nice set of counters from both men, especially the kick to Lethal in response to a Lethal injection. To the outside now and both men smashing each other into the ring post. Lethal now mocking Ric Flair and back outside to kick Cassidy. Lethal has Cassidy up and smashes his leg on the post. Loving that Lethal is using the outside 10 count to his advantage. Lethal now going to town on Cassidy’s leg. Match pace has slowed down which is a bit of a shame but it maybe leading to something. Two men exchanging strikes with the crowd really getting into it. Two beautiful counters (one from each competitor) and Cassidy hits a suplex onto Lethal. A diving DDT from Cassidy and hits another DDT, but he is favouring his left knee and fails to get in an Orange Punch. Lethal then locks in a figure four leglock with Cassidy desperate to get the bottom rope. Some lovely moves and counters from both men and the story behind it makes this match great. Lethal Injection but collapses on his arm, counters into an Orange Punch and Orange Cassidy retains the All-Atlantic Championship. Post match, grandpa Jarrett attacks Cassidy and breaks a guitar on his knee. Best Friends rush in to save Cassidy.

2nd Segment – Interview

Just a generic promo from Hobbs, nothing special.

3rd Segment – Promo

Here comes Ricky Starks with the weird pose. Ricky Starks says he is having a hell of a week and he is being asked what is next for him. He isn’t sure but he asking where he is going to go next. Bullet Club’s music hits and out comes Juice Robinson to take out Ricky Starks. Ooft what a downgrade form Jericho. Oh well the matches should be good.

4th Segment – Interview

FTR lent Wardlow their merch, what top guys. The TnT championship match is now Falls Count Anywhere. Nice should be even more fun.

5th Segment – Match

Here comes Ruby Soho flanked by the Ex WWE crew. Can the commentators sing along with more of the entrance songs, its fun. Pre match, Renee interviews Ruby with Ruby saying that the fans created the monster. That when she was beaten by Britt Baker, they were thrilled, when Kris Statlander got beaten by Soho, they booed. This maybe a you people promo but it makes sense, good job Ruby. Skye Blue, homegrown, lol Tony stole her from the NWA get real buddy. Out she comes and gets yeeted to the outside and demolished while she is there. A slap from Skye Blue, prompts to up the anti. Skye trying to fight back but its futile. A roll up from Skye Blue and a kick out at 2. Ruby calls Skye Blue a homegrown baby, nice. Lovely ground enziguiri from Skye Blue. Destination unknown by Ruby Soho and she beats Skye Blue. Ruby, takes some tips from Bray and give your finisher a bit of delay. Welp the ex WWE crew are about the spray paint Skye Blue and here comes Willow Nightingale to try and talk to Ruby, but is attacked for her trouble.

6th segment – Interview

Backstage Adam Page is interviewed. Apparently if you take Adam Page to the limit he will take you to hell. Apparently things are finished between Adam Page and Jon Moxley.

7th Segment – Promo

Outcome FTR, good to see them back, they are the best tag tem in the world today. Cash Wheeler mentioned all the loss that they have seen. FTR call out the Gunn Club and brand them as spoiled little assholes, hahahahaha. FTR says that they gotta hit the Gunns where it hurts, and that’s to beat the Gunn Club for the Tag Titles. Please do, the Gunns kinda suck.

Backstage we encounter female Goldberg Jade Cargill. Cargill puts out a challenge to the best Canadians you have (let it be Nicole Matthews, that would be sick).

8th Segment – Match

Out come the Jericho Appreciation Society, with the audience and me singing along with Judas, my favourite part of watching Dynamite. Out comes Top Flight and AR Fox with a weird reaction from the crowd. Some energetic antics from AR Fox. Sammy Guevara is tagged in and takes it to AR Fox. The JAS with a portrait and that got good heat. My goodness Top Flight have springs for legs. Multiple tags just chopping Dante Martin. Lets see ya jump now Dante – Jake Hager, 2023, good stuff Jake. A crossbody to Jericho and it only leads to a 2 count. Guevara taking out Dante’s partners and Garcia takes it to Dante. Lovely counter by Dante and tags Fox in. A double cutter by AR Fox after avoiding two dudes, nice. Darrius Martin just deadlifting Garcia, sweet Mary. A Spanish Fly to Jericho for a nearfall. The match is now breaking down a little bit. A sequence of moves and a roll up to Jericho. Hager interferes discreetly, Jericho hits the Judas Effect and the JAS beat Top Flight and their weird uncle AR Fox.  Poor Matt Menard, he sounds like a cross of Sri Sumbajee from Pirates of the Carribean and Paul Bearer. Out come the Elite after the JAS mention they are number one contenders. Kenny Omega tells Jericho that they stayed out of each others way. Don Callis mentions that the Elite are the number one contenders. Unfortunately, according to Callis, Jericho is the 2nd best wrestler from Winnipeg, or number 3 if he had enough training, hahahaha. Here is the House of Black throwing the challenge to both the Elite and the JAS. Looking forward to this match next week aye.

9th Segment – Promo

Tony Khan announces next week marks the final defence of the AEW All-Atlantic Championship and the match will be Orange Cassidy vs Grandpa Jarrett for the AEW International Championship. Tony do us a favour, get off the TV mate. Do it on Twitter, might make it a more pleasant place.

10th Segment – Video Package

I don’t normally do this but Bryan Danielson is worried about not playing with his kids, he is going home. Poor bugger.

11th Segment – Match

Out comes the Blackpool Combat Club for their match against the Dark Order. Moxley and Claudio jumping Silver and Reynolds as soon as the bell rings. Silver just suplexed a dude nearly double his size. Wonder where Evil Uno is, hope everything is alright. Reynolds going on a bit of a tear but gets thrown into the timekeepers area. Nice moment where Claudio cuts off Reynolds by holding onto his ankle. Silver comes in and goes wild on Moxley. Lovely strikes and a German suplex to Moxley from Silver. The Blackpool Combat Club beat the Dark Order after Reynolds taps. Moxley keeps choking out Reynolds but is gut wrenched by Claudio. Here comes Evil Uno and goes straight for Moxley but is saved by Wheeler Yuta. Here comes Adam Page, and throws a fist to Claudio and then gets overwhelmed by the BCC. Audience want this, I want this, good stuff from all involved.

12th segment – Match

A backstage promo from the Acclaimed and they are interrupted by the JAS. The Acclaimed laugh in their face, with Max Caster stating they’re on TV more, hahahahahaha.

Welp neither man are getting their entrances because they are already in the parking lot beating seven layers of paint off each other. Hobbs just heaving a keg into a car was unintentionally funny. Both men fighting on the car with a pin on Hobbs leading to a 2 count. Man I think they should be smashing each other into more things but hey still fun main event so far. Hobbs just got thrown through a truck cover, nice. They are now in front of the crowd and the crowd are loving it. Both men no selling slams, big ooft. An F10 by Wardlow leads to a 2 count, 3 spinebusters which also leads to a 2 count.  Out comes the table and Hobbs goes through a table due to a swanton and Hobbs kicks out a 2, damn. Well QT Marshall is out to help out Will Hobbs, that’s one way to try and make yourself interesting. Will Hobbs just beat Wardlow for the TNT Championship with a sickening powerbomb from Marshall and Hobbs.

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