AEW Dynamite Review – 02/03/23

AEW Dynamite Review – 02/03/23

Hi everyone, Sam here for the AEW Dynamite Review. Welcome to March and you know what that means. Good show with solid wrestling, not too many weird decisions. Before we get into the breakdown I have a few highlights to showcase. First of all, Komander is brilliant, dude is walking the ropes like its no one’s business. Secondly, that ladder match was really really fun, why can’t AEW do more of those ladder matches. Thirdly, nice little showcase for talent we don’t see often like Riho and Peter Avalon. Fourthly, the tag team casino battle royal was pretty good but in reality the Butcher and the Blade should have won. Finally, the promo from Danielson was epic and MJF didn’t have to say a word.

1st Segment – Match

We start the show of with Orange Cassidy vs Big Bill for the AEW All Atlantic Championship. Can they pretty please bring back Where is my Mind for Orange Cassidy please. Cassidy trying to run from Big Bill but to be fair I would also run from Big Bill. Bill has done well for himself, good agility and some powerful moves. Orange Cassidy going through the table, really thought Bill was going through because he who sets the table goes through the table. Danhausen is out ready to curse some fools. Get up, Big Bill is coming – Danhausen March 2023. Orange Cassidy beats Big Bill with an Orange Punch from the top rope. Really good match to start the show, less is more. Also quick shout out to that amazing stunner counter from Cassidy. Good stuff from Big Bill as well.

2nd segment – Promo

Well here comes the Elite but are interrupted by the House of Black, who then attack the Elite and lay them out. They then raise the trios championship. Short segment but really well executed by all involved.

3rd Segment – Match

Out comes Samoa Joe to come on commentary, because we definitely needed a fourth commentator. It’s the sonic ring face of the revolution ladder match and its only for the TNT title, could it at least be for the world title. Good range of competitors in this match, hopefully they get this match right. Damn Komander is impressive but just ate a truckload of bricks from Will Hobbs. Sammy just isn’t gonna bother with Hobbs but Takeshita stands up but eats a fist. Nice suplex from Takeshita. My goodness Komander is kicking some serious butt in this match and he is only in his mid 20s, show off haha. Hobbs just no selling a chair shot looked pretty badass. There goes Komander with his tightrope walking into a great flip onto AR Fox. Konsuke with a spine chilling powerbomb to Komander, looked vicious. Daniel Garcia making sure Action Andretti has a bad day, followed up by a swanton. Hobbs just yeeting a ladder from under Takeshita. Will Hobbs is the winner of the Sonic Ring … I mean the face of the Revolution Match. Really fun match and the crowd made it better, good stuff all around.

4th segment – Interview

Trent and Chuck haven’t been medically cleared. Danhausen puts himself and Orange Cassidy for the battle royal

5th Segment – Match

I’m become, I’m become, I’m becomiiiiiiing, Judas in my mind with an insulting ad break to cut off the song. Back in the ring and its Jericho vs Peter Avalon. Avalon dominates and then one codebreaker later and Jericho wins. Good showcase for Peter Avalon. After the match Jericho attacks Avalon with a baseball bat, out comes Ricky Starks and looking over his shoulder. Ricky Starks gets beaten down by Garcia, Hager and Jericho.

6th Segment – Promo

Out comes Christian Cage to out annoy everyone. Christian Cage making it his mission to win a singles championship instead of Jungle Boy. Christian going after young people treating the business like a video game, whereas Christian treats it as an ATM machine. Christian challenges Jungle Boy not to a match but a fight. We cut to Jungle boy digging up a grave an shedding a tear, the grave is for Christian Cage.

7th Segment – Match

Here comes Matt Hardy trying to mesh two gimmicks in one. He is going after Hook, FTW champion. Ethan Page doing the delete chant is hilarious. Hardy immediately tapping to a tazmission and Hook wins. A solid match, nothing really of note. Stokely and Ethan were the highlights, Hook is just a mute gangster.

8th Segment – Match

Its time for Toni Storm for Riho. Why they love skipping entrances is beyond me but ok. Good to see Riho on TV again, good to see young talent taking centre stage. Out comes Hayter and Baker to make sure they act straight. Riho wins with a roll up after a distraction from Britt Baker, let the brawling begin between Storm and Baker. In ring its Hayter and Saraya, then here comes Ruby Soho to brawl.

9th Segment – Match

Here comes the Casino battle royal and the Dark Order just got jumped by the Blackpool Combat Club. The next team is Rush and Preston Vance and they are on a bit of a tear. The next team out is the Lucha Bros and here come the amazing acrobatics. The next team out is Aussie Open, come on ya crazy lads, gosh their music kinda sucks though. Dark Order have been eliminated by the Blackpool Combat Club. The next team out is the Jericho Appreciation Society. The next team out is top flight, the martins aye. Daddy Magic out. The next team out is The Kingdom (Mike Bennett and Matt Taven). Lucha Bros eliminated by Rush and Vance. Preston Vance and Rush is eliminated by Top Flight. Top Flight eliminated by Aussie Open, the next team is Orange Cassidy and Danhausen. Angelo Parker eliminated. The next team is the Butcher and The Blade. The Kingdom eliminated by Aussie Open, Aussie Open Eliminated by the Blackpool Combat Club. Wheeler Yuta eliminated, Claudio Castignoli eliminated. Butcher and the Blade eliminated. Danhausen and Orange Cassidy win the battle royal. Gosh I hope the Gunns lose they just look like bad champions. Danhausen and Cassidy are attacked by Jay Lethal and his estranged father Jeff Jarrett. Out come the Acclaimed to kick some butt.

10th Segment – Promo

Talking heads talk about the match between Danielson and MJF. Very impressive with those talking heads including Chris Daniels, Excalibur and even Taz. Danielson comes out and reminds people that if you fight for your dreams, your dreams will fight for you. MJF comes out and gets cut off by Danielson. If there is one thing that you deserve is your fiancée leaving you, damn Danielson. You’re gonna get your F head kicked in, nice touch. Great promo from Danielson.

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