The Secret Weapon Of Australian Wrestling – QWA

By: Bobby Bishop

So I’ve talked a lot about the Brisbane scene. This time I thought I’d tackle QUEENSLAND WRESTLING ALLIANCE in Townsville.

I’ve made several trips to Townsville and it was one of the most refreshing wrestling Feds I’ve ever been to. Some of the people I met, who were young and hungry, also showed there was indeed a very hard work ethic in Queensland. Guys like like Trent O Day, Gabriel Zaya, EC Brownie, Ultra Love Jet Steele, Sam Cannon, Colt Winchester, Tainted Crow and Seth Tylors many more are standouts, just to name a few.

They were almost beyond their years for the level they should of been at. Some of these humble guys I see constantly doing EPW’s camp or flying people up like Damian Slater or Gavin McGavin for seminars, just so they can better themselves.

These wrestlers have, over time, become leaders in their own right and handle the business as a group, striving to make the best out of a show. It’s one of the reasons I knew something could be changed here in Brisbane. The show itself was amazing, it was run outdoors but that never became an issue. They were putting on matches with no laziness or selfishness, all trying to contribute to a bigger vision of the show. They had a truss’ with screens on them for intros covering the ring, in what felt like a mini WCW Nitro.

You felt like you were on a huge stage in that ring, surrounded by 300 plus fans. The fans are rowdy and some of the best you could ever wrestle in front of. They vocalise and never try and hijack the show. Honestly Queensland Wrestling Alliance is the most secret weapon running today, and if you ever have a chance or spare moment, I highly recommend you check their shows on YouTube as they’re all free to view!

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2 thoughts on “The Secret Weapon Of Australian Wrestling – QWA

  1. Love this! After not mentioning any Qld promotions in the rundown of some of Australia’s best, I mentioned on FB that QWA is the one I would’ve written about (as opposed to promotions further south.) I really like QWA, I’m glad they got a spotlight put on them.

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