‘What if’ Bret Hart’s Career Wasn’t Cut Short

Bret Hart famously suffered a concussion while in a match aganist Goldberg at Starrcade 2000, after taking a super kick from the rookie. Hart would go on to have a stroke not long into the new year.

Whilst appearing on the K&S Wrestlefest as apart of an autograph session, Hart commented on the topic of the injuries and stroke not happening at all.

What might have been different for him without the medical issues:  “If I had no issues with my concussion and stuff like that, and if I never had a stroke, I mean let’s just say I was healthy at my age, I’d go back. I would’ve taken it pretty serious. I would’ve wrestled a lot more over the last 10 years if I hadn’t been hurt. All the dream matches everyone talks about, I would’ve loved to have done all of them. Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Roman Reigns, John Cena, Randy Orton.”

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